Chapter 5

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Darren's pov
"And the first The Voice Kids Champion is......"


Thank you Lord for letting me reach this part of the contest :)

I hugged Darlene first and calmed her down.

And then I hugged Lyca
"Masaya ako para sa iyo" I whispered to Lyca as I hugged her
"Salamat talaga Kuya Darren" she hugged me back

After all the hugging and congratulating,I went to the backstage already. The First people I went to is my family.
"We're so proud of you Anak..." My parents said as they hugged me tight
"Thanks Ma,Pa..."I hugged them back
"Ma,Pa I have to go somewhere for a while po"
"Um okay be back in a while .. "
"yes po"

If you guys were wondering, I am now about to tell ______ about me being free to meet her sister tommorow.

A lot of staffs and celebrities congratulated me along the way,And I thanked them. JK and ______ are currently having a conversation, So I waited until they finished.

Your pov

I was about to go home already until JK came running to me.
"_____,Wait!" he said catching his breath
"Are you free tommorow??"

Mmmmm Do I have something to do tommorow??.. I guess no
"No,I guess....Oh and by the way Congrats you did well!" I said with a smile
"Thanks :)... So can we see each other sa MOA (Sm Mall of Asia)??? You know just hang out"
"Ahh sige .....Uhm what time ??"
"11 in the morning,Sa Ice Skating Rink :)"
"Ahh sige :)  salamat sa pag invite :)"

He just smiled and said "Bye"

Then I saw Darren walking towards me.

"Hi" sabi nya
"Hi :) Congrats you did a wonderful job! :D"
"Thanks :)"

"So umm... I thought you went home na"
"Oh sorry, I actually wanna tell you that I'll be free tommorow. You know Lynelle and I can spend time with your sis"


Oh no I promised JK :{ I'll just send him a text later... Oh wait I don't have his number, I'll just ask Darren...
"Um Darren to be honest,I actually agreed to hang out with JK tommorow,Don't worry I'll just send him a message later, And um can I ask for his number please?.."
"Oh.. I'm sorry. wrong timing I'll just move the mee-"
"Oh no please,I'll just send him a text later, Cause you know we don't know what might happen. And you will have to set another day.. "
"Um okay... So here's JK's number"

Darren gave me JK's number

"Um Darren, I have to go na.. I'm sorry If I've been a burden to you.."
"______,It's okay :) you're actually not a burden to me .. :)" He said shyly
"Really? Thanks :') Bye I have to go" I smiled as I turned my back

I hailed a cab and got in. I started to text JK....
to: JK
Um Hi :) it's me _______. I'm sorry I guess I can't meet you tommorow.. sorry :(

*beep beep*

He replied? man y u so fast

I read his message...

Umm.. its okay we can hang-out sometime right? :) Um Do you mind, if I ask .. um  what do you have tommorow?..

Should I tell him??

'Yes! you have to, you kinda rejected him!' There goes my conscience..

Ughh Fine

So I texted him back...

to: JK
Ito kasi yun Jake, My sister was diagnosed with an unknown sickness. And she could die anytime.... So because my sister is a very BIG fan of Darren, I invited Darren to come over my house to visit my sis... I'm so sorry Maybe we can hang-out next time....

"Nandito na po tayo hija.."

Oops! I didn't notice I've arrived na pala...

"Here po manong, Thankyou"

I gave manong my payment and I unlocked my front door and went in my mom and sis's room.
"Hi Ma,Hi Boo"I said as I kissed them both on the  cheek

Oh.. By the way My sis's name is  Gela but I call her Boo

"I saw you play on Tv ate!"My sister says in a happy tone.
"Yes I was playing on Tv Boo, How was it?" I asked them
"It was amazing ate!" My sister says
"Indeed, It was amazing, really amazing!" My mom says smiling

"Really? Thanks"
"And Ma......."I whispered to her that JK,Lynelle and Darren would be coming over tommorow to meet Gela. She was surprised and Happy at the same time.
"Anak go take a bath na and go to sleep" My mom says with a wink
"Okay ma , Good night! lab yuuu"

I said as I kissed my mom on the cheek.
"How about me?" My sis says as she pouts

I kissed her in the cheek too and went to the bathroom.

I took a bath and changed into my fresh pajamas.
*beep beep*

_____, Do you mind if I visit your sister too?... I have nothing to do tommorow eh....Pleease :3

Should I invite him to?

it's a yes for me but I don't know for Darren...

I'll text him..

To: Darren
Hi Good Evening :] Um I was wondering if can I invite JK tommorow too ,because he kind of asked if he can come to ... so can he? :)"


Got a message from Darren...

From: Darren
Sure :) And what time should we go to your place?"

I texted Darren to be here at about 1 in the afternoon. And I also gave him my address

From: Darren
Okay thanks ! :) I will be looking forward on tommorow's 'event' :]  Nighty!"

I smiled :D

Thanks a lot! Good Night!

Ohh I forgot about JK „-_-"

Sure you can come, One o'clock in the afternoon at my place:)"

I sent my address too


From: JK
YAY Thanks for the invite! :) Good night _________…"

Sure anytime ! :) Gnight!"


I smiled :) today was a loooong day :)

I prayed first to God first and drifted off to sleep keeping that smile on my face………

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