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"Do you have a car?" Sacha asks James.

"Without even having license? Nope." James says, trying to smile through the pain.

"Joyriding, you id!ot." Sacha mumbles as she looks outside to think of something else.

"What about my bike?" James says.

".............. Do you want me to spend energy? No.. we go with the bus."

James groans.

Sacha pulls him from the chair and starts dragging him to the frontdoor. Wrappig a  coat around the darkhaired guy.

"Wait... I'm dizzy..." James mumbles.

"I hold you." Sacha says as she takes him outside.


The street and landscape seems to be covered by a white carpet of snow.

James immediately starts to shiver as the fresh cold breeze touches his sweaty head. He gasps, leaning further forward and pressing his hand tightly on his chest.

Sacha holds him up as much she can.

"Am-bu-lance." James forces the word out of his mouth. "Its mai heart..." He nearly spits as he gasps to stop the over bouncing power shooting through his tightly pulled veins... James makes a movement to head inside but faints.

Sacha cathed him and panicks, begging that her sort-of-boyfriend should wake up.

A couple of neighbours surrounder. "Ambulance has been called." One of them says.

Sacha nods grateful as tears stream down her face if fear. "James! Do you hear me?"


"James please.... wake up..."

Sacha calls his name a couple of times, her fingers check his pulse and notice his heart is racing waay too fast than it should.

"James..." She sobs.

He neighbours carefully take him from her and bring him inside and lie him down on the floor. They wait. An ambulance must come.

Grown by panic and fear Sacha goes to James' homephone and calls Luke.

Brrreeeeb......... brrreeeeb..... bree-

"Luke."  Luke introduces himself.

Sacha sobs. "James... James... he he got... well... he ... he needs... an.... well.... James.... heart.
.. James..."

Luke frowns, trying to make up what is wrong. "What's wrong?" he asks casually like Sacha wasn't trying to explain.

"James... Heart... he... He ....I... I think he... dies." She screeches as she breaks completely.

"I'm on my way... are you at the hospital?" Luke asks.

But she already hung up when the ambulance arrives.

A neighbour signs the ambulance which house it is and where James lies. The paramedics quickly storm inside and take the male.

Sacha rushes after them and stares as the paramedics check James' pulse and prepare to take him away. She stares closely, wanting to stay by James' side but the paramedics start to close the doors already. Without being able to speak up for herself it's too late and the ambulance doors have closed. The ambulance drives away while Sacha stood still outside and stares...

One of James'  neighbours puts his hand on Sacha's shoulder. "Come.... Let's have a cup of tea..." he says as he decided to take care of a  shocked Sacha.

Sacha nods slightly and lets the man lead her to his house accross the street.

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