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Holly's pov

I woke up in David's hotel room, wondering were he had gone. He didn't leave me a note or a text so I just assumed he went out. I texted him to make sure he was okay

Okay then, I don't have that much time to get ready then

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Okay then, I don't have that much time to get ready then. I want to look as good as possible. I brushed my hair out bc it was pretty much straight from yesterday. I put on a little bit of makeup, and I got dressed quickly. When I was done I layed in one of the beds in the hotel room until the door opened to see David's big smile and his cute face. He plops down next to me and says "good morning sweetheart." "Good morning cutie" I say and crinkle my nose. David gets up and pouts and says "nooo, your the cuter one holly." "Not by a long shot I'm not!"
"Bull shit" David says
I reply in a blunt "Nah"
"Well imma get in the shower okay, don't leave I want to go around the city with you today." He says
"Okay, but I do have to leave to go get changed into different clothes."
"I have a hoodie you can borrow!" He says in a wink
He hands me his hoodie which smells like him.
I put it on and it a little baggy which makes it even better.
"See you look even better" David says as he walks my direction and hovers over me.
"Thank you." I smile and say
Then he kisses me on the lips
Kiss number 2
Even thought we have only kissed twice, each and every single one gets better. We pull apart and we put our heads together and just smile widely.
He walks away and get in the shower. I roll my eyes in a good way at his cutness
I noticed I was tagged on Instagram and I looked to see a picture of me and David on the plane and it was captioned "the only plane ride I ever enjoyed with the best person ever."
I saw that his best friends commented
Scotty: looks like we have a new member of the vlog squad. 
Zane: okay David who is this
Toddy: well she's hot
I click on there names and follow them
A lot of the other comments were just ohh she is soo pretty
Liza has left the chat
Ohh David's moves to on pretty quick.
Who is Liza?? I will ask him when he gets out of the shower.

—————/:6minutes have passed:/————————
He comes out and sits by me and plays a stupid game on his phone that he was playing on the plane.
"Hey babe" he says which make me blush hardly.
"Hey, who is Liza? Every one in the comments about Liza." I say in confusion
"She's my ex girlfriend we broke up about a year ago it's honestly nothing and she means nothing to me."
Oh....okay "
"So I guess we are calling each other babe now." I say and laugh as I lift up his chin to make him look at me.
"I am at least, if you don't like I won't call you it." David says in worry.
"Nah, I think it's so cute, baby"
He just smile and laugh.

Time skipsss

"Do you wanna go take pictures for insta." David says
Yessss" i say in excitement!
"Okay there's a really cool spot in Vernon hill I wanna show you!"
"I'm going to call an Uber" David's says as he gets up and logs on his phone.
I nod my head and I get my phone and things together.
The Uber gets there and we just wait in the long car ride to god knows were.
We get the this fancy looking background that looks so pretty to take pictures in.
We take like 30 pictures each. Some with each other and some just our selves!
David of course post the one of me on his back kissing his cheek.
And I do to.  I caption mine
"Heaven is a place on earth with you" because there were angels on the wall to make it look like we had angel wings.
He caption his
"Who new knew I could fine a girl this cute, I'm happy I did tho" 
We just smiled at each other
"Hold up, I want one more picture" he says I started to walk to call an Uber.
"For this one I want you to kiss me" he says in a shaking voice as the cold breeze goes thru the air .
"Mmkay I will"
I kiss him and he snaps the photo.
Kiss number 3
I won't forget this ever

A/n hahah hello! It's that time again! I posted. I'm not really ever active on my other story as I am on this one. But that will soon change bc I will be posting a lot on this one and on the other one!!! Hahahahahahah I am in love with this book. Any request are open freely and let me know what you think about this book! ❤️❤️

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