13 | gone and forgotten

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+amara pov

'Who are you?'

The boy standing in front of me was one I was not able to recognise. My brain actually began to hurt from trying to remember who he was. It was either that or the fact I had a massive cut on my head.

Probably the last one.

I really wanted to remember who he was because of the look in his eyes when he spoke. It looked like he was in love with me.

But that was impossible since I'd never seen him before in my life.

The three words I spoke to him made the glimmer of hope, and what I took as love, in his eyes to disappear like the sun being covered by a cloud on a spring day.

He looked from me to my father, his mouth open as if he was about to say something but it shut quickly and he nodded.

'I'm so sorry Haechan.' My father spoke to the boy. 'I really am.'

So his name was Haechan.

He was attractive, his hair was somewhere between light and dark brown and under the fluorescent light of the hospital it shone healthily, it was the colour of rich, dark wood that lined a log cabin that winters were meant to be spent in on a snowy mountain.

His eyes were a similar colour of brown except darker, so dark they were almost black. His eyes were dark but they shone with light, warmth and when his eyes met mine there was something about them that relaxed me and made me feel at home. His eyes shone as if they held all the stars in the galaxy.

His complexion was sun kissed and, like his hair, shone in the fluorescent hospital light giving him a natural highlight in a way that shamed the sun itself.

He was not conspicuously tall but what he lacked in height he made up for in every other way. He looked young and innocent but grown up and mischievous at the same time.

He was really attractive.

He smiled sadly and nodded.
'I hope you feel better soon Mara,' he directed it at me and my heart ached. He turned to my father; 'It was nice seeing you again, sir.'

Again? Did he know him?

He turned to leave through the bleach white curtain but just before he left, he turned and made eye contact with me, tears making his eyes shine.

It kind of felt like falling for a stranger on a train or bus and knowing that you'll never see them again.

Even when he left, the whole area still smelled like him. Sunshine.

I'm still staring at the hospital curtain waving in the breeze he left behind when my father speaks, his hand resting on my upper arm.
'How are you feeling, Mara?' His voice is calming with a hint of concern.

'Dad, how do I know him?' I look at him and can see the worry in his eyes.
'He was... um... he was your... your... b-'

'Amara!' A pink blur comes whizzing through the curtain and engulfs me in the tightest hug, something that causes my body to scream and myself to groan in pain.
'Be careful! She's still in much pain!' My father stepped forward thankfully.
'Oh I'm so sorry! Are you okay? How are you feeling? Did you hear that Dae-Ho got arrested?' The girl spoke quickly and held my arm tightly.

I looked up and saw a girl that I did not recognise. I asked her the same question I had asked my previous visitor.

'Who are you?'
'I'm Zhi Ruo! Your neighbour, best friend, partner in crime and the person who got you a job when you moved back here?' She was full of hope and I hated to tear her down.
'I'm sorry I don't remember, I'm so sorry...' I shook my head.

She seemed like a really nice person too...

'Oh... don't worry it's okay, I can understand...' she sounded crushed and I hated it. 'I brought you these because I remembered that red was your favourite flavour, personally I think blue is better but anyways...' She smiled shyly.

She held out what I first thought was a bouquet of blue flowers but upon further inspection I saw that they were a bouquet of blue heart shaped lollipops.

I smiled. Red, or rather strawberry, was my favourite flavour.

She turned to leave through the curtain but before she did I called her back.

'Zhi Ruo?' She turned, full of expectance. 'Thank you.' I smiled and nodded.
'You're welcome.' She laughed. 'I'll always be there if you need someone to talk to anytime, anywhere. Promise.' She smiled before leaving through the curtain, the fabric swaying afterwards.

A thought came to mind that I was surprised hadn't yet come to mind.

'Where's mum?' I said facing my father.

He froze in his spot, his back straightening and his whole body becoming stiff. The look in his eyes told me that something wasn't right.

'Dad...?' I whispered my voice barely audible.

'Mara...' he looked me in the eye and I could see tears starting to well up in his eyes. 'She died in a car accident two years ago.'

My heart shattered, it had threatened to break after my last two visitors but this news shattered it to the point I thought it would never be healed.

My eyes filled with tears and my hands shook, my whole body even.

My mother was dead.

The one person I felt I needed the most at this time was gone and everyone else I must know was forgotten.

And the worst thing was that I knew she was dead but I had hit my head so hard that I had forgotten virtually everyone apart from my mother and father, and one of them was dead.

I sat and I cried and cried until my whole body shook so violently that it aches, every injury I had at that moment screamed for me to stop but my lungs and heart screamed for my mother and everyone that was gone and forgotten.

'Mara it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I promise.' My father cried with me.

But everything was not okay. It was not okay.

But oh how I wish it was.

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