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My hands gripped the steering wheel, I was still sitting in Noah's driveway.

What was I doing?

Avoiding my feelings, convincing myself Noah was something he wasn't, getting scared at anything than verified true feelings.

I needed Noah, I wanted to spend my days with him. To hold on to him, and never let go.

I had made a huge mistake.

I got out of the car, my feet thumping on the pavement then up the wooden stairs.

I took a deep breath standing in front of his door, before opening it and walking in.

I scanned the room. Noah was leaning against the table, looking defeated before lifting his head, shocked to see me.


"-Shut up, just... listen."

My heart was racing in my chest, my breathing was shaky, and my fists hanging by my side clenched.

"I've never had a single man in my life that treated me well. Not even my father. And the only relationship I've ever had... it wasn't a good one. I don't want you to pity me, I just want you to understand."

I knew I had his full attention, his face was soft, yet confused and attentive.

"I convinced myself you were too good to be true. No man has ever been as... kind, and caring to me as you have. No man has ever looked at me the way that you do. I kept trying to compare and associate you with them in a poor, pathetic attempt to protect and prepare my heart for when you'd leave. Which was so unfair to you and I hate myself for it. You forgive and forget my mistakes like it's nothing, which isn't something i'm used to. You're just so... amazing. I became attached to you, Noah. I am attached to you. I want to be with you, everyday, for as long as possible. I want you to hold me every night. But most importantly I want you to know..."

I shut my eyes, gathering myself before I let the next words pass through my lips.

"I want you to know that I'm in love with you, Noah. Whether I chose to like it or not, I know that it's true..."

Noah was in front of me, still having not moved. I could almost see the thoughts racing around his head.


I learned that he wasn't exactly a man of words in those moments.

He walked over to me swiftly, grabbed the sides of my face and brought me into a kiss so intense I swooned, but Noah wrapped his arm around my waist to steady me.

My arms found their way around his neck and my fingers in his hair.

He spoke in a rough voice in between kisses.

"I love you."

"You do?"

"Oh yeah."

I was lifted off my feet as Noah picked me up effortlessly. My legs wrapped around him on instinct, my lips kissing him as he walked towards his bedroom. Not needing to open his eyes to know where the bed was.

I shrieked as he threw me down onto the sheets.

Noah pulled his shirt over his head, his toned upper body had me drooling every time.

He was on top of me, crashing his lips onto mine yet again. The hunger and heat from the kiss had my lips buzzing, and my heart fluttering.

Feeling his hand roam down my body, then gripping my thigh left goosebumps.

I placed my hands on his chest and pushed, switching our positions so I was on top of him now. I placed another kiss on his lips before sitting up and pulling my own shirt over my head, revealing my bra.

Noah's eyes had a gleam in them, I could see the love, the lust, the hunger.

My long dark hair fell as I looked down at him, smiling.

"Fuck, Aria. You're so beautiful."

I felt heat spread throughout my body as he pulled me down to him, his kiss only growing more passionate with the second.

I moved my lips down to his neck. Biting and sucking, that'll leave a hickey.

I let my hands roam down his bare chest, across the ripples of his abs.

Each kiss I left on his body only grew lower and lower until my lips reached his v-line.


"Yes, Noah?" I grinned.

"Mmm, nope, my turn."

It was almost as it were a competition, both of us wanting to please the other with everything we had.

He flipped me over so I was lying flat on my stomach.

His fingertips slid across my skin lightly as he moved my hair away from my neck.

Soon I felt his warm lips kissing the soft spot on my neck using tongue.

I couldn't help it, a low moan escaped my throat.

His kiss moved down to my shoulder, then to my upper back until he reached my bra line. His fingers fiddled with it, teasing me before I felt my bra fall loose. His left kisses all down my back, then flipped me back over, gripping my hips.

His bright blue eyes were so intense, yet so soft, I love them, I love him.

Our breathing was all over the place, completely erratic.

Then I felt his hands fall to my pants, he looked at me for reassurance and I gave it to him with a nod. He pulled them off, our bodies burning against each other.

I thought, and hoped, that he'd strip me of my panties. But soon his lips were back onto mine, this time kissing me with love, deeply, savoring it. This was more than sex to him, he wanted me to know that I was loved, he wasn't going to take my body and leave. He was here to stay.

That night I let Noah explore my entire body. And he let me explore his. We made love in his bed, under his soft sheets, completely infatuated with each other. He taught me what real love felt like, there was nothing else like it.

And I'm glad he was the one to heal my heart after all this time being broken...


A/N: My Christmas present to you. Mwuah. I love you all, and my babies. Very excited to see their future together 💗

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