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Murphy's law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. It's inevitable and cannot be avoided.

That is why, regardless of how much effort Ai exerted in her perfect date plan,  in the end she utterly failed.

The day began like most Sundays do, with a promise of a nice holiday. Ai's plan was to take Lao Fei to a rural place for a little picnic. She believed that the fresh and calm environment might just be what he liked. And she guessed right.

Since she couldn't drive as of yet, Lao Fei had to takeover the wheel while she seated herself on the passenger seat. As the journey ensued, they found themselves talking about every this and that. There was no heaviness or awkwardness, it was as if they knew each other for ages.

Lao Fei was particularly careful, he has been told Ai couldn't be overexerted or overexcited, so he wished to give her a comfortable date.

How many women have had a date like this? Where the man's sole concern was the woman's comfort and happiness.
How many men have had a date like this? Where the woman's only wish was that the man enjoys it.

The journey was somewhat smooth in the beginning. But suddenly the car came to a stop, upon inspection they found that one of back tyres had been punctured.

As Lao Fei pulled up his sleeves and got down to work, Ai watched from the sidelines completely awed.

Lao Fei, the second young master of one of the richest families in China, not to mention, the whole world, was actually doing this menial task. And what was even more astonishing, he knew how to do it.

It didn't take much time for him to finish, Ai felt a little guilty for being a no-help.

Then they continued their journey.

The tall buildings and polluted sky of the city soon faded into huge masses of tree. The fresh air hit Ai from the open window, making her hair scatter and fly. The bright sunlight created a halo around her small frame and in that moment when Lao Fei looked at her, he was enthralled.

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