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Xu Ai felt like a merciless executioner who has unjustly terminated a person. She was completely wrong in her perception of Lao Fei. Thinking about the judgmental verdict she passed against him at the very moment she saw him, she winced. She was a very bad person.

Lao Fei, her husband, was very kind. Too kind if she must say. Remembering the way he gently tended her wounds and made her dinner, she blushed. How sweet of him!

But when she remembered the amount of times she internally cursed him, she felt like a villain. She immediately erased the nickname 'black-belly jerk' from her mind. He was too much of a gentleman to called something of that sort.

She reminisced their first legitimate conversation which took place last night.

"Do you blame my sister?" Xu Ai asked after completing the plate of fried rice in front of her.

"No. Of course not, she followed her heart and chose to be with the one she loves. How can I blame her?" He said in his usual calm tone.

"Then, do you blame me?" She nervously asked.

"No." He simply stated.

Xu Ai released her breath, she didn't know why she was holding it. But hearing his answer made her feel considerably lighter.

"However there is one thing that I must ask, are you happy with this marriage?" His face grew dull and guilty while asking this question.

Xu Ai failed to contemplate his question at first but then she realized the actual question. He wanted to know whether she had a special someone or not.

"No no no..." She vehemently denied. "I have never been in love. Nowhere near in falling in love. I was born single, forever single...well at least not anymore." She awkwardly rambled.

"Oh" he replied and continued, "I was worried that I caused you to part with your lover. I felt horrible."

With this Xu Ai discovered how clean and pure Lao Fei's heart was. She couldn't help but admire him.

"And you have a lover?" She asked meekly.

"No. Never had the opportunity to have one." He honestly stated.

Xu Ai sighed after recalling last night. She felt the need to repent, as if she couldn't breathe without making it up to him. She sat on her bed and hugged her large, peach colored teddy bear. Suddenly an idea struck her. She rushed out of her room and went to Lao Fei's room.

Standing before the door, she knocked twice. Lao Fei, who was getting ready for office, opened the door and the first thing that greeted him was the cute face of his wife's.

Xu Ai gave him a sweet smile and pleading gaze.

"Mr Lao, can you please keep your schedule free this Sunday? I want to take you out on a date."

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