Summary of the Contest Guidelines

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We hope by now you've got a good grasp on how the contest works, but if some things are still a little bit hazy feel free to read through this guide a second time.

To summarise:

1) Write a novella. This contest aims to get you writing a novella on Wattpad that is 20,000 to 40,000 words long at completion.

2) Reach the milestones. Along the way you'll reach word count milestones. These are at 2,000 words, 8,000 words, and 20,000 words. You'll get a cover sticker for reaching each one.

 You'll get a cover sticker for reaching each one

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3) Use a prompt. You must include one of the prompts provided to qualify for the contest. These will be available from January 1st.

4) It must be a new story. Your novella must have not been posted or published before and has to be written especially for this contest to qualify. This is so that everyone has had the same amount of time allowed to write.

5) Open genre. This is an open genre contest, meaning you can write whatever genres and themes you wish to (including fanfiction and mature fiction), but it must include one of the prompts.

6) English only. Our team is only able to collectively judge stories in English. Stories not entered in English cannot be judged.

7) You can write more if you want to. You only have to meet the minimum word count milestone by each deadline, but you can write more. The maximum word count is 40,000 words in total.

8) You can split your story into chapters. Feel free to split your story up how to want to, as long as it's all in one publication/book.

9) It should be a single, continuous novella. This means we are not looking for a new story each round, and short story collections will not qualify.

10) You can edit and revise as much as you like. Even while we are judging. Just be aware that you won't be notified when we are judging your story, so we can only assess what is available at the time we read it.

11) Notify us if: you change your username. This is important or you may accidentally be disqualified. You don't need to notify us if you change your story title.

12) Use the #OpenNovellaContest2019 tag. Also, from January 1st 2019 you can even claim a participation sticker for your story cover!

13) Follow the OpenNovellaContest profile page. You will need to do this to catch important announcements and dates. You might even choose to add these contest dates to your device's calendar if you want to.

14) Opening date: January 1st 2019. On this date the submission form and prompts will be made available. This is the soonest date you can post your story on Wattpad.

Closing date: 26th March 2019. On this date the submission form will close at 11:59pm GMT (the time zone observed in London and Dublin, etc) and no new entries will be counted.

The contest lasts a total of 12 weeks. Please be aware that this deadline is absolute.

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