55th Chapter

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55th Chapter

A week after.

Dana's Point of View

Inhale. Exhale.

I'm here at Nof's house. Agenda? To make amends. I know i've been melodramatic last week. Last week was.. hell. It probably could be considered as one of the worst weeks of my life. Seriously. It was just a week. Seven days but it friggin' felt like a month. 

Just as i was about to walk towards their gate, i saw Nof. She went out to jog, apparently. 

"Uh, hi?" I sheepishly said. Come on, she slapped me last week pero ako pa yung nahihiya sa kanya! Something must be really wrong about me!

She seemed taken aback by my greeting because her jaw almost fell, "uh, DK.."

I again took a deep breath, gathering all my guts, "look, Nof. I'm here to say sorry," i said, "it's been a week and.." i hesitated to continue. It's hard to admit that i kinda missed her, "i miss you. The whole cold war really sucks. We belong to the same group but we avoid each other.. so yeah.. can we just go back to normal? I mean, it's been a week. Long excruciating week. Siguro naman, you already forgave me for what i did? I already explained, right?" I asked, taking my chances.

Smile slowly crossed her face, "thought you'd never ask," then she pulled me for a hug, "i was about to go to your house. Really. Sorry, DK. Just my stupid, impulsive self. Sorry," she said.

I smiled, "i hope you don't mind pero.. take a bath, will you? Kaka jog mo lang eh."

"Yeah right," she rolled her eyes. 

We went inside her house. Apparently, may party mamaya sa school. Sem starter stuffs. Remember last sem? Yung carnival. Yeah. Jamie stuffs.. I can't believe it was just a sem. So many things had happened in a very short span of time! Jamie died, Ynna has HIV, Andy left.. and i became a mistress. Yeah. It was damn hard to admit at first but i can't change the fact that i am just like that.  A mistress. Never once in my life i thought i'll become one. But who can ever tell, right? Because here i am, a living proof.

Since there's a party, a date is kinda required. Not required by the school but required by the society. And since Cyriel is going with Ynna, i'll go solo. I was really upset at first. Really upset. But then, ano bang magagawa ko kung maiinis ako? Wala naman di ba? Will it change the fact na hindi ako ang priority ni Cyriel? Hindi naman di ba? I'm already 19, turning 20 this December. I'm old enough to be rational over things. 

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