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Shit Shit Shit...

What on earth did I just said!

Out of panicking, I accidentally blurted out my apartment...

This is not good. Now what am I supposed to do?

"Hey kennyboo, are you still alright?" Asked Bella

"Do I look alright?" Sarcastically replied Kendall.

Her ankle began to swell, which shows in kendall's face that she's in pain.

"This won't do. Stop the car right there, parked it and wait for me" I said to Gigi

"Why? I thought your apartment is that way." Gigi replied

"We don't have much time, just stop the car" as I said that, gigi parked the car near the convenient store. As I was about to go out, Kendall grabbed my shirt and looked at me with a worried eyes so I grabbed her hand instead and said "hey, don't worry, I won't leave you, trust me okay?" And by that she nod and I run into inside the convenient store.

I immediately took an ice tube then to the counter to pay for it.

As I was paying "can you aslo add this" i said as I grabbed some pack of gummy bears.

After I paid for the bill, I instantly grabbed all the purchased not waiting for the cashier to put them in a plastic bag. I went back to the car as fast as I can.

As I opened the car, I immediately open my bag and took out my clean shirt and opened the ice tube and place it inside the cloth. After that I sat beside Kendall and carefully put her ankle on my thigh and gently place the ice on her swollen ankle.

As I gently tap it she whine in pain "sorry, just bare with it for a litle longer" I said to kendall which she just nod while flinching a bit because of the pain. "I also bought, something to distract you" I opened the gummy bears and give the other packed to Gigi and Bella. "Here, have some" I said as I try to feed Kendall the candy. She looked hesitant, whether she would eat it or what, but eventually she just grabbed it by her hand instead.

"What am I a kid?" She sarcastically said as she rolled her eyes "My ankle is the one injured, my hands are perfectly fine so I can it by myself" she said while pouting

"Okay, okay, I get it. Feed yourself then, kiddo" I said as I hand her the gummy bears

"So now what?" Gigi asked while eating candies spas well

"Well, if you want you can go now to the hospital and let them check her ankle further or just let it be. I mean she just have to remain still while compressing her ankle with ice wherein it will lessen the swelling. I also recommend for her to just lay down in bed with her foot inclined to heal faster" I explain while Gigi just nod in return and Bella continue chewing some candy and I caught Kendall staring at me then immediately turn her gaze away.

"Are you  a doctor or what? You seems to know alot" Bella asked.

"Nah, I'm just used on treating this kind of stuff, I always treated..." I stopped in the mid sentence, since this reminded me of  HER... She used to sprained her ankle a lot back then since she's a clumsy one...

"Treated what?" Bella asked, while all of them are looking at me with an questioning, seems like I spaced out a bit.

"Ah- wait what? Sorry I forgot what I was saying, but never mind it just decide, whether to bring her to the hospital or bring her home" I said and started to pack my things up. "So I'll leave you here now, okay?" I said and was about to got out the car but Kendall grabbed my hand this time, which made me look her way.

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