Chapter Six

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Arcee idled through the Kawasaki dealership with Kita and Ryan. Motorcycles, watercraft, and ATVs sat in neat rows. She parked in an open spot in front of the rectangular shaped glass building. In the window was the Ninja H2R.

"Wow. There it is," said Kita as she took off her helmet and set it on Arcee. She looked at herself in the side mirror. "Whoa. Scary." She took off her headband and ran her fingers through her hair.

"I've never been to a dealership before," said Ryan.

"Where'd you get your bike from?"

"Craigslist. I paid seven fifty for it."

"Nice. I advertise parts on Craigslist all the time."

"You need to get the bike close to me so I can copy it," said Arcee.

"Then we'll need to take it for a test drive," said Kita as she grabbed her helmet.

"Next time, I am not a table. If you want me to hold something—ask."

"Oh, sorry. I—" Kita's heart sank. Oh, no...

"I'm kidding, Kita. I'm just teasing you."

"Ugh. Do you know what you do to me?"

"I know. I'm toughening you up and trying to teach you to quit jumping to the worst case scenario first."

Kita slowly nodded her head.

"What are you toughening her up for?" said Ryan.

"If she wants to talk to you about it, that's Kita's business," said Arcee tersely. "Go get the bike."

Kita and Ryan turned and found a young sales rep standing a polite distance away waiting.

"Hi, I'm Brian. What's your name?" he stuck out his hand to Ryan.

"Ah, Ryan and this is my friend Kita."

"Nice to meet you both. What brings you in today, Ryan?"

Hey! We're here for me.

"Not me," said Ryan, "her." He waved at Kita.

A hint of disdain and greed crossed Brian's face. "What can I help you with?" he said flatly.

"I want to look at the H2R."

Brian looked at Kita, then at Arcee. "The H2R is for serious enthusiasts. Maybe you'd like to look at the 300?"

"I am serious."

"It's a fifty-five thousand dollar bike. We should stick to your price range. The 300 is five thousand, and we might be able to get you financing."

Kita wrinkled her nose. "I want the H2R. I want to take it on a test drive."

Brian sighed heavily. "You'll have to fill out a credit application, and I need your license and insurance."

"Ah..." Uh-oh.

Kita's phone buzzed. She pulled it out and found a message from Arcee, "Your license and insurance are online. Just open the apps and select them."

"I don't have regular motorcycle insurance," Kita typed back.

"I got you some from your insurance company."

"I can't afford that."

"Who said I paid for it? It's good for six months. The internet makes life so much easier. With Mike, everything was done on paper and he had to do it. Now, in a couple of nanoseconds, I can do it."

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