Conversation between Lilla and Lizzie

Lilla: I need you to do me a favor, Lizzie. I need you to check my sisters' phones. You know, you can never be safe when it comes to them.

Lizzie: Are you sure it's a good idea?

Lilla: Trust me for once. I need you to check their phones.

Lizzie: But why?

Lilla: Do I really owe you an explanation, Liz? Just trust me.

Lizzie: I think it's a little sketchy.

Lilla: Okay, listen. I believe Liah and the others are being strange lately. I suspect they're hiding something huge. I mean, they hardly ever reply to my text messages.

Lizzie: Do you really think it's such a big deal? Wow, Lil, you must be desperate.

Lilla: I'm not desperate, Liz! I just want to find out the truth. I know, this is not exactly what you expected to do, but, come on, don't you think Liah and the others aren't being honest with you?

Lizzie: What do you mean?

Lilla: What about Lanai leaving your party earlier? And Liah rejecting your invitation claiming that she had "some unattended business to deal with"? And let's not forget that Leanne is never answering your messages.

Lizzie: Perhaps she just holds a grudge on me. You don't need to make a big fuss out of it. Chill out.

Lilla: I don't think Leanne hates you for no specific reason. But why won't she tell me the truth? I mean, I'm her sister. If anything's wrong, she's supposed to tell me.

Lizzie: Well, she's not forced to do so. She's not a kid anymore. She's 21. Perhaps you should start treating her more like an adult and letting her make her decisions on her own.

Lilla: I would, if she actually proved to be trustworthy. She's just irresponsible.

Lizzie: Why do you have to be so judgemental? She's your sister, after all, and so are Liah, Lanai and Nyla. Don't you think it's time that you all stop bickering for once?

Lilla: It would be easier if they paid more attention to what I say.

Lizzie: Lilla, to be honest I think you're exaggerating. I believe that deep down their hearts, they love you more than you think. So, stop being obsessed with controlling them and just live it up!

Lilla: I'd agree with you if we were living a different situation. I can't exactly say this is the best time to talk about how I should be more grateful to my sisters.

Lizzie: Oh, yes, it is. I want you to talk to them and sort all this shit out, okay?

Lilla: Well, I don't know if I'm ready to talk to them civilly...

Lizzie: If you promise that you'll talk to your sisters, I promise that I'll check their phones. Okay?

Lilla: Are you really sure it's worth it?

Lizzie: Trust me.

Lilla: Then it's set. Deal.

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