Alex Danvers- Training: Part 2 (c)

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You didn't have a case today, so you were filling out paperwork from you last one. Without needing to be in the field, you didn't need the uniform, instead deciding to wear a long fluffy pink jumper with a unicorn on it and rainbow leggings. Your brightly coloured glasses were on your nose as you picked up the files you needed to complete the paperwork.


Turning around you saw Alex in her dark uniform that you always saw her in. Even though you saw her every day, you struggled to be calm around her. She was gorgeous and strong and was everything that you ever wanted in a person, but you doubted she would ever like you. Talking to her in the training room was the longest you had ever spoken to her for.

"Alex, Hi," you smiled warmly, letting her approach you, rather than scurrying off to get the work done as you usually did.

"I like your jumper," she grinned. "Unicorns are cool."

You looked down at your jumper, something that the average four-year-old would jump at the chance to own. You loved the jumper, it was cosy and cute, something you loved in clothing, but most adults thought it was juvenile, mainly because it was from the kids' section.

"Unicorns are awesome, I have a unicorn lamp," you said instantly regretting it as it sounded slightly insane.

"That sounds amazing," she said, sounding genuinely interested. "Um... anyway... about yesterday. I'm sorry that I made assumptions about you, and I'm also sorry that I looked into your file."

"You looked into my file?" You asked.

Alex gave you a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to see which cases you had worked on. And by gosh, I am amazed, you've done everything, and everyone sings your praises. Not only are you gorgeous but you are a badass."

She paused. Her face flushed red. She didn't mean to say any of that. A smile curled on your lips at the compliment. Compliments were rare to come by, especially off of someone that you liked a lot.

"I didn't mean to say that," she whispered.

"But did you mean what you said?" You asked, hopeful.

Alex nodded her head.

"Good, because you're a gorgeous badass too," you blushed. "I've always admired your work."

"Oh... um... thank you," she grinned. "Maybe... I mean... we could go out... possibly?"

You smiled and nodded a bit too joyously. "I wouldlove that."


Written by Charlotte.

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