Christmas Special

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Warning: MattEdd, EddTom (Don't go just yet, they are not actually dating. Juts read the story) and fluff

Requested by: Do I have to say it?.....No one ;-;


"So why are we doing this again Edd?"

"So that I can make Matt jealous! He rarely spends time with me now ,with always looking at the mirror."

"Why not ask Tord?" 

"BECAUSE, I already told Matt that I see Tord as a brother only, I haven't told him what I see you as!"

"But, DO I HAVE TO wear this Santa clause dress?!"

"Yes so he feels more jealous."

"This is why I hate Christmas."

"Now go, and do as exactly as I told you."

"Yes sir!"

Tom walked in the kitchen, seeing Matt and Tord talking to each other. He glanced around to try and find the mistletoe that Edd had put up. Finally finding it, Tom walked under it and waited for Edd to come and do his part. Thankfully, Matt and Tord did not notice that Tom went under the mistletoe purposely ,but the two were wondering why the heck Tom was wearing a dress.

After a few minutes Edd came out and went to the fridge, which was wear the mistletoe was located at. He looked up and smashed his lips with Tom. The kiss thankfully only lasted for 10 seconds and Matt didn't look surprised, however Tord was surprised.

Looking jealous, Tord got up and went to his room while Matt chuckled to Edd, "Told ya' he be jealous. You owe me £20." Edd grumbled ,but gave Matt his money. Confused, Tom asked them, "Guys, what the heck? I don't understand, you were suppose to be jealous? hbfdjhfk"

Edd replied ,"Well Matt and I had a bet whether Tord would be jealous if I kissed you because Matt is saying that Tord loves you!~" Tom blushed and whispered "I'll ask him...." And walked to Tord's room. 'That's pretty messed up though.....Edd stole my first kiss! Well I DID agree with it and it was a quick kiss, no making out so I guess it doesn't count?' Tom thought as he knocked gently on Tord's door. Tord opened the door, his face was slightly red and he had a tear stains on his hoodie.

"What do you want Jehovah's Witness?" questioned Tord as he looked down sadly at Tom. Tom answered back "Tord.....A little bird told me that you like me...Is it true?" Tord's eyes widen as his face went even redder though he did reply with a quiet 'yes'. Tom was mentally freaking out as he also loved Tord.

Out of the blue, Tom hugged Tord and told him that he loves him too. Tord was delighted as he twirled the boy ,wearing a dress, around. The two went inside Tord's room and Tom explained to Tord, Edd's little plan to make 'Matt' jealous. Tord was a bit mad ,but forgave them as if it wasn't for their stupid bet, him and Tom wouldn't have gotten together.

Tom laid down on the bed, Tord doing the same and both slept until the 26th of December. They slept for 17 hours. They also forgot that Tom was still in a dress so the two were surprised when they woke up.

Matt was mentally cheering as his boyfriend, Edd, gave him another £20. "Told you that they would get together today!" Edd grumbled "I thought Tom said he hated Tord with all his heart." Matt chuckled and kissed his short boyfriend's forehead.

"I'm going to buy something with the money you gave me..."


"It's not."



Sorry if this doesn't have as much as Tordtom you wanted :/

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