Chapter 1: Troublemaker

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"Stay still and carry that two buckets of water until the class ended, Are we clear??" The professor shouted to the two silly young girls.

"Yes sir" They said in unison while fixing themselves to carry the Bucket's of water. The professor leave them outside the classroom then one of them make face and copied what their professor said.

"Are we clear?" The tall girl mocked on him.

The tall blonde girl with a bangs kicked the legs of the also tall blonde girl without a bangs to get her attention.

(Just imagine Rosé with her blonde hair without a bangs and Lisa with also a blonde hair)

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(Just imagine Rosé with her blonde hair without a bangs and Lisa with also a blonde hair)

"It's all your fault!" She yelled at the girl. She kicked back the girl and stick out her tongue.

"No, It's your fault!" She rolled her eyes while having a crisis carrying the buckets with her tiny arms.

All of the students who's passing by them were taking picture of them and laughing because of the punishment.

"Yah Park Chaeyoung! If you didn't scrunch your chips then we will not get caught!" She yelled at her, She mocked on the students who's taking picture of them.

"Stop calling me by my full name Lalisa Manoban!!" Chaeyoung hissed.

Lisa put down the buckets because of numbness of her arms. She stretched her arms that made Rosé surprised.

"Yah you need to carry that two buckets before we get caught again! Don't be so hard headed Lisa!" Rosé scolded her but lisa just hummed to pretend she didn't hear anything that her friend said.

"Lalalalala.. Hmmmm.. Hmmm.. " Lisa sing while rosé was lecturing her she covered her ears using her finger.

Rosé lost her temper because of the nonstop tease that lisa made. She put down the buckets and she dip down her hands then she splash it to Lisa's face that made her shocked.

"Yah!!" Lisa yelled at her then rosé sly a smirk.

"GodBless you!" She mocked on her, Lisa closed her fist and she carried the bucket to spill it to rosé, then the latter run beside her.

Lisa chase her and then she turn around. She was about to spill it to rosé's body but someone blocked her way that made it splash all over his body.

'Fuck I'm dead' Lisa thought to herself when she spill it on her professor's body. Rosé stick out her tongue and laugh at her. The students inside the classroom laugh so hard when they saw their terror teacher got knocked off by his student.

The professor closed his fist and removed his eye glasses "GET YOUR ASS INSIDE THE GUIDANCE OFFICE NOW!!!" He shouted that made the two stop. Lisa drop the bucket unintentionally because of fear that they made.

Rosé went towards Lisa and pull her to get inside the office. "God Bless him" Rosé chuckled. Lisa was proudly walking to the guidance office as if it's not new to her to be there.

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