Christmas Fluff!

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I most likely won't update tomorrow, but I'll try! Incase I don't, Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate! I want to thank you all who have stuck by me for so long! Remember, you can message me at anytime, even tomorrow, and I will hopefully respond!

Love you all, nohomo/hetero,



Macaroon: Here's an idea; when we put the mistletoe up, instead of kissing, how about we fight whoever's under it?

SawyerVero: We are not doing that.

Slushieboi: Mistlefoe.

Chan-Chan: J.D.. don't encourage her.


“What are you doing?” Mac asked her girlfriend, who was sat in her lap comfortably and hugging her gently, “Dukie?”

“One, don't call me that,” The green girl responded, resting her head on Mac's shoulder, “Two, I'm hugging you, bitch.”

“Why are you so good at it?”

“I have a lot of free time, and a giant stuffed animal at home. Now shut up, and hug me.”

“Alright,” The blonde giggled, stroking her hair, lying back against the couch as they continued to snuggle. Mac didn't mind at all, as it was their moment, with no school to interrupt them. Not this time, atleast.

“I love you, so, goddamn much.” Duke piped up, pecking her chin.

“I love you too.”


Macaroon: We wish you a merry--

Slushieboi: SHITMAS-

Macaroon: >:/

Macaroon: We wish you a merry--

Slushieboi: SHITMAS.

Macaroon: :0

Macaroon: We wish you a merry--

Slushieboi: SHITMAS.

Macaroon: and a--

Slushieboi: CRAPPY NEW FEAR!

Chan-Chan: okay what the fuck-


Veronica grinned at Chandler, who heavily sighed, “What have you done..” She asked, folding her arms. The brunette shrugged.

“Well, you may be getting a kiss tonight!” She chirped. The blonde arched a brow, “Yeah, there's mistletoe.” She explained. Chandler huffed.

“If you try to get me to kiss you under there I will punch you,” She stated. Veronica was about to reply when she cut her off, “You can just ask for one, Bluebird.” That made Veronica grin.

“Well, in that case, can I have one?” Being a tease Chandler leaned in to kiss her then pulled back at the last second.


“You tease!”

“Yep, also I was kidding, come here.” Veronica wandered over and their lips met. After a few moments Chandler pulled back, pushing up her glasses, “Merry Christmas.”

“Uh- yeah, you too.”

“You're such a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”


SawyerVero: Duke, did you drink any of the eggnog?

Dukie: clearly drunk Whattt psh nOOoo-

Chan-Chan: She did.

SawyerVero: I'm pretty sure it's spiked.

Macaroon: clinging to Ron's leg, also drunk Ronnieeeee~

SawyerVero: shit. Chan?

Chan-Chan: What? Oh. Aww!



Duke sighed, sat on a roughly dry bench. Well, that wasn't true at all. She didn't really like Christmas, because she never spent quality time with her parents. Truth be told, they always went to her older brother, and never acknowledged her existence. She had zoned that she hadn't noticed Heather Chandler or Heather McNamara sitting both sides of her, “Merry Christmas, bitch!” Chandler grinned, as Duke dully looked up at her girlfriends.

“Huh? Oh, hey..” She greeted dully, as their expressions turned serious and Chandler pulled them both onto her lap as she was the tallest. Mac hugged the dark-haired girl aswell.

“What's wrong?” She asked, as the red girl glanced around the snowy area whilst Mac spoke.

“It's just… my parents don't want to spend time. It's always with Matthew.. Never me.”

“Neither do my parents,” Chandler spoke softly, “Look, it's Christmas Eve, and they're both working, Mac?”

“My dad's working, and my stepmum hates me..” The yellow girl mumbled, “But, we have eachother! How about we stay over for Christmas at Chan's?” She beamed. Chandler nodded, as Duke cracked a small smile.

“I'd like that.”


UnicornStampede: T’is the season to be…

Chan-Chan: gay.

Dukie: dead.

SawyerVero: horny.


Slushieboi: craving death.

WoodenRam: crushing your enemies!

Kurtsy: why am i here-


Chandler laughed at Duke's attempts to put decorations on the tree. Since Duke was the shortest of the Heathers, she often needed help with reaching things. This was obviously one of them. She watched for a few more minutes, then decided to help. Knowing she was frustrated made it easier for her to calm her down. You see, Heather Duke and Heather McNamara both believed in Santa. Actually, Chandler finds this so adorable that she has banned everyone from telling them the truth. She carefully lifted up the smaller girl, who pecked her cheek, “Thank you, but I almost had it.” She huffed.

“Sure, Greenie.”

“Don't call me that! That's almost as bad as Dukie!” she frowned. The blonde chuckled, and lifted her up.

“Go on and put the star on, you whiny bitch.” She did, as Chandler still held her in her arms.

“Yeah, but I'm your whiny bitch.”

“In bed, definitely, like, Jesus Christ, I swear you make the house shake with your moans,” She teased, as the green girl's face went beet red.

“Like yours?” She retorted, and Chandler's face pretty quickly matched her blazer.

“Shut up and decorate the tree before I drop you.”

“Yes ma'am!”


That's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time, hopefully before the new year!

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