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I woke up to the feeling of someone jumping on my bed, what the fuck?

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I woke up to the feeling of someone jumping on my bed, what the fuck?

I opened my eyes and saw my best friend Avery looking down at me with a crazy smile,

"Get the fuck off of my bed you jackass!" I threw a pillow at her, hitting her directly in the face.

"Ow!" She whined, sitting down on the bed.

"That's what you get." I mumbled while shoving my face back into my covers.

"Stop being such a lazy ass, lets go to the music store." She pulled the covers away from me. Bitch.

"You're not gonna stop annoying me, are you?" I sighed.


With that, I forced myself out of bed and started getting ready. I was hoping to spend my first day of winter break relaxing, but I should've figured that she'd come force me to do something instead.

We walked into the music store, which immediately made my mood brighten up. This is extremely cliche, but music always helps me feel happier.

Her and I started singing our heart out to the music playing all over the store, earning looks and laughs from the workers.

I was mid way through Tiny Dancer when I saw a pair of dark brown eyes staring at me- then the hair- and the smile- it was fucking Slash from Guns N Roses. "Sam?" Avery gave me a poke. "Avery, that's Slash." I clutched her arm. "Who- Oh, that guy from that band you like." She laughed, I looked at her with wide eyes. "Exactly. He was staring at me." I whispered.  "So? Go talk to him."

"Are you fucking crazy?!"

"No. He's just a guy.. that happens to be in a successful band."

"But, what if he doesn't like me?"

"Samantha, you're gorgeous. How could he not like you?"

She pushed me out of my seat and ran away, leaving me alone in a staring contest with a guitar god.

Holy shit.

I gave him a smile, calmly waving. He smiled back, HE SMILED BACK! He started walking over to me.. fuck fuck fuck fuck fu- "Hey." His deep voice greeted. Wow. "Hi." I replied softly, batting my eyelashes. Might as well try and look cute..

"You come around here often?" He asked. That's one of the most used lines, but coming from him made it special.

"Yeah, actually." I smiled.

"Oh really? Mind showing me around?" He smirked while crossing his arms.

"Not at all, wanna look at the records first?"

"Sure." He displayed a toothy smile.

I lead him over to the vinyl area, stopping in front of the first table.

"So, this place gets a lot of cool vinyl. I mean, you obviously have to look in the right places anywhere you go, but there's always gems here. For instance, one time I found an unheard of Jimi Hendrix live album that's a masterpiece, and it was right up front. Anything in any category here is amazing." I explained as his eyes stared into mine the whole time. Intensely staring, I might add.

"You like Hendrix, sweetheart?" A genuine smile was plastered on his face.


"I love Hendrix, do you?"

"I love his music too, how can you not?" He smiled while starting to flip through the music. This man was gorgeous.

We kept talking about music, and we had almost everything in common musically, and artistically. I was blown away, not only at the fact that someone has an almost identical music taste as me, but that it was fucking Slash!

"I'm Saul, but people typically call me Slash."

"I'm Sam." I smiled, shaking his hand.

"You know, you're really chill." He leaned against the wall, smiling at me.

"Thanks, you are too." I blushed.

"You wanna go walk around the mall?"

"Sure." I answered, then remembering Avery, I searched for her with my eyes before seeing her talking to Axl. Go us.

"Let's go, babygirl." He smirked, then putting his arm around my shoulders. that was hot.

We walked out of the store and started walking around the mall, I saw some other girls fangirling at the sight of the man next to me.

We walked into some random clothes shop, he held my hand as he wandered around the store. I was looking around when he gave my hand a light squeeze, I looked up at him and he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Beautiful." He said in a low voice, making my stomach do flips. He kissed my cheek quickly and continued to walk. A man just kissed my fucking cHEEK. I blushed and placed my other hand on his arm, walking with him.

About an hour later, we went back to the music store. I saw Axl and Avery sitting hand in hand on a bench in the back, awww. "Is that your friend?" He laughed. "Yep, is that yours?" I giggled. He nodded, grinning down at me adoringly.

"You're really fucking cute, you know?" He sighed with smile, his hands on my shoulders.

"I am?"

"Baby, you're so damn cute." His thumb brushed over my cheek. oh my god, he called me baby.

"Know what?" I looked into his deep eyes.

"What, honey?"

"You're really cute too." I admitted, damn, I'm being bold today.

"Can I have your number?"

"Yep." I blushed.

I wrote my number down on some paper, giving it to him immediately. The rest of the guys came over and said they had to go, I mentally frowned. Even though I only just met him, I don't wanna leave him.

The rest of them walked out and Saul looked down at me, "I better go." He sighed. I had a sad look on my face, then hugged him tight. He laughed, wrapping his arms around me. "See you soon, baby." He kissed the top of my head and walked out the store.

what the fuck just happened.

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