chapter 74

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Izzy's P.O.V

Brianna and I dragged all of our stuff to that room and have been hanging out there for a couple hours now. I don't know if Cameron was madder that I was bunking with Brianna or that Bart called me a slut.

"Izzy?" Cam asks quietly from the door. I get up off the bed and walk over to him. He has red eyes and his hair is a mess.

"What happened? Come here boo." I say softly grabbing his arm and pulling him into the room.

"I miss her. I miss us." He cries. I hug him while he tries to pull himself together. Brianna was down the hall talking to her mom on the phone.

"Then just forgive her. She didn't kiss him. He kissed her as a dare. Sammy felt awful about it after and she felt even worse. It wasn't her fault and this is obviously killing both of y'all." I explain. He pulls away from the hug confused.

"She didnt?" he asks. I shake my head no. "So we can just forget about all this? I'll do that!" He says excitedly. We have one last Magcon before Christmas and we are driving instead of flying.

"Do it at the next magcon!" I suggest. He smiles and nods.




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