Knocked Out- BehzStar

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Just a warning I've seen the Sidemen Show so I've had to make some stuff up because the prompt was part of a specific scene that I've never seen.

Ethan's P.O.V.

Vikk smiled, leaning heavily on one foot with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He was completely at ease, something unusual considering he was normally worried about something or another but today he was relaxed and ready for anything. I wasn't about to ruin his mood so I didn't say anything, I just wrapped my arm around his side and squeezed him comfortingly.

He grinned as he blew into the air, white swirls curling up around his head because of the cold. His footsteps crunched in the white snow when he moved, his gloved hands already reaching down to pick up balls of the ice to throw at the back of JJ's unsuspecting head.

JJ spluttered and turned on Vikk, throwing a snowball right back at him and hitting him smack in the face. But Vikk came up laughing and launched another one right back, this time hitting Simon because he was in the way.

This sent everyone into a full on snowball fight, snowballs flying everywhere and hitting everyone, no one was safe and pretty quickly everyone ended up with a mouthful of snow or ice down the back of their neck.

Harry shrieked as I stuffed a handful of snow down his back and he then aimed a snowball at me, only just missing as I ducked. I then aimed another snowball back, but it wasn't really snow. It was pretty much solid ice, small icicles sticking out of the side, so I aimed it at Harry's upper chest so it wouldn't hurt to much.

What I wasn't counting on was Harry stepping aside and because Vikk was standing behind him, and being much shorter than Harry, the ice ball nailed him squarely in the face.

He stumbled backwards, specks of blood flying into the air, and he hit the ground hard. His head hit a rock underneath the thin layer of snow and he didn't get up, his eyes closed and his body limp.

My heart leapt into my throat as I realised Vikk was unconscious and I scrambled to his side, lifting his head off the ground into my lap and trying desperately to wake him.

"Vikk?" I pleaded. "Vikk, wake up..."

Some of the other boys were panicking too, especially when they saw the blood pouring from his face from a clearly broken nose. Simon handed me a tissue I gently dabbed at the blood, trying to stop it from running into his mouth and choking him.

"Shit, shit, shit." I swore as Vikk still didn't respond, his tiny, lithe body light in my arms. "Come on Vikk, don't do this, don't do this."

Josh crouched down beside me, taking control because I was panicking too much to think straight.

"Just wait Ethan, it's okay, he'll be okay. He's obviously got a broken nose so we'll have to take him to the hospital and he'll probably have a concussion too but it isn't anything too bad." He squeezed my shoulder comfortingly, moving Vikk's head a little so it was resting solidly against my chest.

"Should we go now then, get him to hospital before he wakes up and is in pain?" Josh nodded.

"Good idea and there you go, you aren't panicking you're thinking sensibly, keep doing that."

"You're such a dad." I mumbled but I stood up with Vikk held in my arms, his head resting in the crook of my shoulder.

We were hustled over to the van that we arrived in, Vikk with me in the back seat, Josh driving, JJ in the front passenger seat and the other three boys in the back. Vikk was still completely unconscious, limp in my arms and totally unresponsive.

The ride to the hospital took too long even though it was less than 10 minutes. Josh was driving like crazy and I was surprised that we weren't pulled over on the drive, but we made it.

Vikk started to stir on the drive, groaning in pain and his arm rising up to his face, attempting to touch his nose but I stopped him.

"Easy Vikk, easy, it's okay, don't touch your nose." He squinted in the dim light so I covered his eyes, blocking the light that was coming in through the car window.

He was clearly in quite a lot of pain so I just hugged him close, comforting him with gentle words and occasionally hissing apologies as I had to keep dabbing at his nose to stop the blood from going anywhere.

As we pulled into the hospital parking lot I carried him in, still in my arms, despite his muffled complaints that he could walk and he was perfectly fine. He wasn't perfectly fine and I knew very well that he couldn't walk.

We were seen by a nurse at once who checked Vikk's vision and hearing and determined while both of them were normal, he had overly dilated pupils and had a delayed response to physical triggers, had lost most of his coordination and had some sort of memory loss.

He was acting dazed and pretty confused and when the nurse asked him questions his voice slurred. It was also pretty obvious that he had a wicked headache, caused by either the concussion, which we know knew he had, or the broken nose.

The nurse fixed his nose pretty quickly as it wasn't serious, all she had to do was to put gauze up his nose, straighten where the break was and then place tape over it to stop it from moving. She said it would heal on its own and the best remedy was ice and painkillers.

We were released only a few hours later with a pack of prescription pain pills and a list of things to do. Vikk could be observed at home as long as someone stayed with him at all times to make sure his symptoms weren't worsening. If he fell asleep that person, who I already knew was going to be me, had to wake him up often to make sure he can awake normally. He should avoid reading, television, technology, physical exertion or working until symptoms disappear.

He complained a little about the no working part when I told him but eventually agreed when he knew that it meant we could cuddle all day.

Once he was less dazed and confused and he knew he was concentrating enough to understand me I apologized profusely, hating that it was my fault that he ended up with a broken nose and a concussion.

"I don't mind Ethan, really." He mumbled into my shirt, his tiny hands clinging to me with strength that I didn't know he had. "Gave me an excuse to take a break for a little while, I needed one." I kissed his forehead.

"I know but I'm so sorry Vikky, I hate that it's my fault that you got hurt!" He hugged me.

"It's not your fault Behz, you're a big teddy bear and I know you'd never do anything to hurt me." He was half asleep in my arms but I knew he was speaking from his heart, despite the fact that he was tired. "Love you Ethan."

"I love you too Vikky." I whispered, holding him tight as he fell asleep in my arms. The tape was still across his nose, reminding me that he still wasn't healed. "I love you too."

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