Chapter 4

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" Merry Christmas to All. May you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart & joy in your life"


"I wish things were different between us", Mehek told him tenderly. Shaurya didn't remove his fingers from her soft lips. "Life is too short to just wish and regret. We should make most of what we have now and live the moment", he told her. He leaned forward to her lips. But was hesitant to touch her. He gulped hard and studying her face, giving her ample time to walk away but she remained still. As she drew a deep breath and shut her eyes, he moved closer and captured her lips. He softly sucked her soft petals. He was warm and comforting. She didn't respond yet calmly let the sensation seep into her body. He deepened the kiss sensing her acceptance. Her mind reminded to withdraw but she refused to comply. She started to kiss him back and his heart warmed by her response. When their tongue sought contact, she let him take the lead to enjoy his dominance. Her hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him more into her. Without leaving her lips, he carefully pulled down her saree. He undid her blouse, baring her shoulders and chest. His fingers got busy fondling her bosom and she arched to him. She slowly fell into the floor taking him along. She hissed in pain when her naked flesh came in contact with the cold floor. He broke apart sensing her discomfort. He scooped her into his arms and led her to the bed. He kept Mehek on the soft mattress like a precious flower and stroked her cheek lovingly. Before they proceed , he wanted to convey his feelings for her through simple words. "Mehek, I...", he was unsuccessful to profess his love bcoz Mehek captured his mouth hungrily. She wanted him so badly that she tore away his shirt while kissing him sensuously. Shaurya was lost in the bliss of the moment and was drowning in pleasure. Passion ignited their flesh and pushed for their union. Words and Reasoning had no more meaning amidst them. Nature provided it's succor by drowning their moans & groans in thunder and rainstorm.

Mehek blankly stared at the ceiling. Heavy weight on her chest, reminded her of the fervid misdeeds she had committed last night. Shaurya was sleeping on her bosom, holding on to her gently but she was unable to sleep. She was embarrassed of herself. She should have got hold of her emotions and avoided events of last night. Still somewhere in her mind, she felt complete and at peace. She gently caressed his hair and he purred in response. Mehek couldn't help smiling. She carefully removed him from her and place him on pillow. While she was lost studying his innocent face, suddenly fear jolted through her. Am I an opportunist who took advantage of his broken state? Will he regret this night? Will he accuse me? May be he will tag me as an easy woman?" her mind questioned. Even if tomorrow Shaurya puts her apprehensions at rest and try to pursue their relationship, she wasn't certain from her side. Her mind was in turmoil. Either ways she knew, she is destined to face hardships and failure. She panicked and heaved for breath. She quickly wore her clothes and left.

It was almost noon when Shaurya woke up. After long time,he slept peacefully.His nightmares have taken a break from tormenting him. His fingers probed for her warmth of Mehek but was disappointed. He studied his surrounding to look for Mehek but it was evident that she had left. Mayhap she felt awkward to face him after their passionate night. Shaurya wanted to make her feel comfortable and assure that she was not a one night stand for him. He loves her. He was sure Mehek also had feelings for him else she wouldn't have allowed to consummate their relationship. He considered her to be too pure to act otherwise. He felt guilty for not being able to convey his feelings before taking themselves to next level. His emotions were genuine and wanted to give themselves a chance. Though she kept him in dark, he knew Mehek had her own of share of troubles. Frankly, he didn't care about her past. He wanted to be her support and strength to fight her demons. He decided to meet her as soon as possible to make himself clear. But when he reached her cottage, it was locked from outside.

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