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David's pov

Walking to my seat I see a gorgeous girl and thinking it wouldn't be so bad to sit next to her. I take my seat and buckle up. I tap on her shoulder and use my charming smile to say hi.
She gives me a smile and says "hi, what's your name." " ohh, I'm David" I say trying to keep cool not trying to sound like I'm desperate or needy. "Nice to meet you David, im Holly." 
"You have a lovely name" I say "as do you" she says

About 30 mins into the flight I ask her if she wants to swap numbers. She said yes. I give her my phone and she gives me hers. I put my number in and put my name as
She looks at it and smiles and nods her head. I glance at my phone and she put hers down as
I say "was the drooling face really necessary. She nods her head and I chuckle.
She says "was the flusterd face with hearts necessary"
I just look down in a shame and lightly giggle.
"So holly, what brings you to Chicago, Illinois?"
Well I'm here just to kinda get away from people who have already jacked up my life as much as they could before I could really put a stop to it. I just nod my head

Holly's pov

As I'm taking to David I'm noticing all of his face features and everything good about him and how perfect he looks. He keeps looking at me in the eyes and not to complain, I just love it all.

He ask me one question that kinda got to me. It's not like I got mad it's just brought up the past which only god knows if I'll be okay and be able to recover from that. "Holly, have you ever had a boyfriend"

acting shocked and realizing I probably look weird I say "ummmm, well my last one was the most serious one I had." I say as I start to tear up a little. I just look down. Until he lifts up my chin and says. It will all be okay, trust me. Okay..... I say.
He takes his thumb and whips away my tears. And I just smile as a reply. "You know as a complete stranger, your the nicest, funniest, and of course the cutest one I've ever met in my life.

"Ohhh really!"  David says with that charming smile of his.
"Well holly I was going to say the exact same thing to you, well not the exact same."
"What's that supposed to mean?" I snap in a sarcastic way.
"Ohhh, nothing."
"your mean"
"same for you too"

welcome to my new book. It might not be interesting Rn, but trust me it will get better! Hahaha. I might post another chapter tn even though it's already 11:00 that's pretty funny. I think holly and David are getting along nicely

500 words❤️

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