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as the class ended, sorin let out a sigh in relief. the heaviness in her chest lightened as he got off from his seat and walked away. haeyoung was waiting for her friend.

"sorin!" haeyoung called outside. sorin stood up from her seat as they walked away. haeyoung accompanied sorin in her locker as she placed her books and some of her notebooks that she didn't need.

"let me guess, tomorrow your locker will be exploding with letters again." haeyoung said "uh, i know and i'm tired of it."

"how does it feel to be famous?" haeyoung asked "tiring. really tiring. i want privacy and a normal life but i can't do anything without it."

haeyoung sighed, "i hope i can be famous as you." "if we can only exchange positions." sorin closed her locker and she saw doyoung in surprise.

"hello, haeyoung and sorin. wanna join us for break time?" doyoung asked with his friend, jihoon.

park jihoon was sorin's ultimate crush.

he's famous in his dancing skills. both doyoung and jihoon takes dancing lessons and they were famous for that.

"y-yeah, s-sure." sorin stuttered. in the corner of her eyes, she can see haeyoung smirking at her. sorin sighed and nudged her shoulder.

as they went down, everyone's eyes were on sorin, haeyoung, doyoung and jihoon. "doyoung, you can sit here!" a girl with a very slutty look offered.

doyoung smiled and shook his head. haeyoung rolled her eyes at the girl. "jihoonie! please sit with me!" a girl with blonde hair offered.

jihoon ignored as sorin sighed in relief.

"sorin," a guy approached her "oh, junkyu."

"doyoung told me that you'll sit with us." junkyu said, i looked at doyoung and he smiled and nodded.

"yeah." as junkyu accompanied us, a familiar guy was sitting beside yedam and hyunsuk.

ha yoonbin.

"oh, by the way, yoonbin will be joining us." yedam spoke.

hell no.


i added so many ygtb characters kdhdhdb

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