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Bella's Pov.

When I woke up I couldn't help but the groan that past my lips. The light bothered me and I winced as I cursed myself for not closing the blinds. Checking the time I see that it's 10:30 am. Looking at my phone I see missed calls from Lilly, Daniel, Nadia, and Alexander. I ignored it and stood up making my way to the bathroom. Grabbing a towel I pass my mirror and grimace at my reflection. For starters my hair looked crazy and my eyes were puffy from all of the crying. I shook my head in disgust and head into the shower. Once I was finished I change into something nice.

I braid my hair and put some lotion

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I braid my hair and put some lotion. Once I look decent I made my way downstairs. "James where are you man you haven't answered any of our calls!" "Please just come back home we are worried." Nick finishes turning around and jumping when he sees me. "Bella are you okay sorry for what happened." You do know he jut want you to be safe." I know that doesn't justify what he did but please don't be an-." I cut him off with a small smile. "It's okay I know what I did was wrong but I was scared but I rather wait for James to show so I can explain myself." I finish. Nodding at me I head into the kitchen to cook something. "Hey have you tried calling Nadia maybe she knows where he is." I tell Nick as I grab what I need. "Shit I didn't even think of that." Nick mutters. He goes out and starts to dial Nadia's number. I sigh not looking forward to today.

Jame's Pov.

Storming out of the house I hop in my car and drive away from the house. How could she keep this from us. What if something happen to her. I clench the wheel and drive faster not caring about the speed limit. Dad and mom left us and I don't want to loose anyone else. I love her she is my little sister and if something where to happen to her I would feel like a failure like I failed our parents. I ignore the messages and calls from Nick as I park my car near a park. I get off and go and sit on the bench. I don't know for how long I stayed but it was already dark and nobody was around. I feel my phone buzz and look at the caller i.d. and see it's Nadia. "James I don't know what's going on but Jackson called me saying he is worried and that you haven't called so please were are you." I hear her soft voice flow out. "I'm at a park far from where I live." I tell her as I hear shuffling. Okay can you please tell me what else you see." I hear her say. "Well their is a cafe called Suzzy's Cafe." I tell her. "I know where you are so please stay their and wait for me. Oh and don't do anything stupid." She says and before I can answer she hangs up.

15 minutes later I see a car pull up and see someone approach me. "Hey what's wrong." I hear Nadia say as she sits besides me. I then proceed to tell her everything. "And that's what happened." I finish telling her feeling guilty once I hear it coming out of my mouth. "James it's okay i'm glad you told me now come on let's go to my house I have a feeling you don't want to go to yours." She finishes tugging on my hand. Standing up I follow her and make my way to my car. "Okay follow me." She says nodding I hop in and follow her all the way to her house. "Once inside she leads me to the couch. "Now I know it's not my business but you have to go back and apologize to Bella." From what you told me I can tell she is really hurt." "I know that you reacted on instinct and I get it she is your sister but don't you think you might of been a bit harsh." Nadia says as she looks at me. I groan and nod knowing she is right. "Shit" I say as I cover my face with my hands.

"I really fucked up didn't I." I say turning to look at her. I see her gaze soften and she lightly cups my face in her tiny hands. "I'm sure she will forgive you you just got to let her explain now come on let me make you something i'm sure you haven't eaten anything." She says as she smiles at me and makes her way to the kitchen. I stare at her and come out of my daze state as I follow her.

The next day I woke up and the first thing I see is Nadia's fiery red hair. Craning my head up I look and see her sound asleep in my arms. I smile and feel her stir. Pretending to be asleep I feel her wake up. She mutters somethings and I try not to laugh. She sits up and I feel her move my hair from my eyes. I hold a shiver as I feel her trace my face slightly. She stops at my lips and I open my eyes scaring her as she lets out a small scream. "Why did you stop." I playfully say a pout forming on my lips. She glares at me and I smirk. "Awww are you blushing." I tease her. She hides her face from me and I pull her chin forcing her to look at me. I get closer to her and I see her actually blush this time. "I'm just messing with you I tell her feeling her shiver."

"James s-s-stop." She stutters trying to get away. "Good morning" I tell her and kiss her cheek letting her go. "James!" She whines her face still red. I laugh and make my way to her restroom. Grabbing a spared toothbrush I start to brush my teeth. Hearing her come in she grumbles something and starts to brush her teeth. Once we finish we head downstairs and she makes me sit down while she prepares something. I watch her as she humms and moves around the kitchen. "So at what time are you leaving." Nadia says as she sets what she is going to use. "Well it is still early so maybe around 11:50 am? I'm not sure" I tell her. "Okay fine but eat and we can do something to kill time she says as she serves me." Nodding I start to eat. "So you like the LA Lakers." I tell her as we watch the game. She nods not taking her eyes off the screen. "Yeah my dad and I use to watch it all the time when I was a little kid." She finishes as she gets this daze look.

I look at her taking advantage that she is not focusing. I really really like her. I think. Woah hold up did I really just think that. I mean it can't be that obvious I think then cringe remembering all the times I acted like a cavemen. "Well James looks like it's time for you to go so I wish you good luck and i'll stop by the house tomorrow." Nadia finishes looking at me. Nodding I smile at her. "Thank you for all you did you didn't have to but you did." I tell her. "It was nothing" She says blushing. I smile and stand up. "Well it was something for me so thank you. Now I should go seeing as I have somethings to fix." Smiling at me she walks me to the door and waves good bye.

I get into my car and make my way back home having a lot to talk about with Bella.

Word Count:1339

Word Count:1339

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