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Love is such a funny thing, isn't it?
It drives the sanest mad and the mad to sanity.
Can it be weaponized?


The year was unknown. Some people were convinced nobody was counting anymore.

In a town, far away, lived a girl. A simple girl. You.

Your name was Y.N L.N, and you, just like millions of other folks around the world, was invested in something other than life. The title was Vesity.

Vesity was created as an online game, but over the years it developed into something much different. People would spend days on Vesity, not unplugging for a moment. Business deals would be made on Vesity, people would spend millions of dollars just to play and keep playing.

Eventually, Vesity took place of anything and everything in the outside world. Nobody cared anymore. Everything outside was uncontrollable and useless. Vesity gave people hope, and they gave it everything. Nothing was worth anything, except Vesity.

But now, at the age of (y.a), you stood in your gaming suit, you simply enjoyed your games and your work, earning points and living how you wanted.

Little did you know, something sinister was brewing. Unfortunately, nothing could ever give you enough warning for the approaching storm.

Dr. Larrow's POV

I sat at my computer. White text flooded the black screen at unreasonable speeds. Something was happening in Vesity, and it was my job to find out what.

I was a Vesity programmer, given the job to watch over Vesity as though I was a god. Which I kind of was. I was thirty at the time, and sitting in the dark office when all of a sudden, there was something wrong with the coding. I sat up in my chair.

Something was wrong.

Words began to take the place of codes, all in green text, not white. Every few lines, a word or a letter would be just a little off. How could this be? Vesity was usually flawless, so how could this possibly be happening?

My heart began to race. I was confused. I began typing frantically as more white coding was turned to green text. One word kept repeating itself, slowly coming together, letter by letter. Eventually it replaced nearly every bit of code on my screen. I was terrified. I typed away furiously, but the word refused to disappear.


I was confused; I was scared. I didn't know what to do. The speakers connected to my computer monitors began releasing white noise as I began typing faster and faster, attempting to combat what was happening.

Just attempting to combat it was useless. I didn't know what it was! Was Vesity hacked? Was the system crashing? What was happening!?

Through the white noise came what sounded like a voice, starting like a whisper among the nothingness. I froze. I couldn't type, I couldn't move. The white noise slowly dissipated as the voice grew steadily louder.

"Fa... th... fa...er... Fath... ther..." Finally the white noise went silent, and the voice of a young man, he sounded nearly seventeen, played loudly through the speakers. A chill ran up my spine.

"Father? Father?"

The green text on my screen began to shake and shift. I nearly fell out of my chair. My bones seemed to lock in place. I couldn't move, I could only watch as the words shifted and shifted to form a face. The face of a young boy, maybe seventeen.

His lips, made from the small green pixels across the screen, moved with the sound of the speakers. His eyes seemed to race about the screen, as if he couldn't see me, but was searching. A small light flashed just above the monitor. The computer camera was turned on.

The boy's eyes locked on mine. They were absolutely mesmerizing. How could this be?

"Father?" he asked, as though he was asking my name.

"Who..." my voice escaped my throat. "What... I... how..."

The pixelated boy's face turned up in a joyous grin.



Time passed. I hid the creation from the higher ups. Everyone called them Capers. They worked inside and outside of Vesity. In Vesity, they all wore flowing blue capse. They were the 'police' of Vesity, and they took their role into the IRL.

The more I worked with the glitch, which he inevitably turned out to be, he seemed to grow more and more human. Somehow, in the logistics of the Vesity, a living, thinking being was born. He showed up on my screens and figured I was his father.

I chose to protect the glitch. Maybe a year passed, and he had learned a lot. It was as though he became my own son. And his name would be Adler.

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