『Chapter 1』

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┏━━━◦∙∘⋅✦✧❀✧✦⋅∘∙◦━━━┓CHAPTER 1THE  CYCLE  REBORN┗━━━◦∙∘⋅✦✧❀✧✦⋅∘∙◦━━━┛

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♛| Avery's POV |♛

"Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling
And every time we kiss I swear I could fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last
Need you by my side..~♫♬♭" -Cascada

I'm definitely dead meat, who can be calling me?

Kaizer Schuyler, calling. . .

I just stared at it, reluctant to pick up. I don't know what I should do, I'm pretty sure this rich bastard's gonna get worried if he heard me. This guy's basically a psychic that knows when I'm in trouble just by my voice.

I promised to myself I wouldn't rely on him for help but damn it, it's my life that's on the line...

Pride, why do you have to be present when my life is on the line?

I just shut my phone off and tried opening the door. It's been ages since I've went through here, and it won't budge. I turned the doorknob praying that it would open. There wasn't much beyond this door, just a field that leads to nowhere.

"Abrakdabra! Open sesame!" That's how it goes right? Sesame, sesame seeds.. Maybe that's why it ain't working?

Who am I kidding, that won't work. It won't hurt to try though.

Creek. . .

I heard footsteps going my way. Open up! Open up! I mentally said, praying that it would work.

"Hello there, Avery."

My eyes widened as I saw what he was holding..

"M-my.. MY BREAKFAST!" I shouted at him.

"Hhmm..?" He looked at me, taunting me.

"Oh this? Sorry little girl, I thought it was for me." He chuckled while I was shaking with rage.

How dare he talk about my height, I'm short alright but that doesn't give him a right to mess with me and my breakfast.

I turned my hands into fists, making my knuckles turn white. I looked at him with fury, a blazing hatred was seen in my eyes. I felt like choking him.

My head twitched a bit, and I decided to calm myself. I inhaled, and exhaled while I just looked at him with a blank face. My poker face seemed to amuse him as he smugly smirked, his yellow teeth glistening. I shivered just by looking at this guy, disgusting inside, and outside.

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