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Fuck You

Taehyung's Diary Entry 1

I remember when you first confessed to me. Both of us, madly in love with each other. Blushing when we get in contact. Yet, both of us were to stupid to realize our feelings.
I remember our dates and when we had a good time together. Our smiles were real, we were so happy. The definition of true happiness was us. In each other's eyes, we saw love. Nothing could get to us. Or as I thought. Things started to go downhill. For instance, this month. You came home at 3 am. Hair messed up and belt unbuckled. Not to mention the sudden fresh hickeys on your neck. You've been cheating right? That's fucking bullshit. I do everything for you and you have the audacity to cheat? Gosh Jeongguk. Aren't I enough? Fuck you

Sincerely, Taehyung. Your Lover

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