★ Marcy's POV ★

Hopefully Niall understood what I meant. Hopefully, he'd decide to take my advice, too. But you can only ask for so much at a time, I suppose.

Besides, I had bigger things to worry about right now.

It was 7 AM, and I was not only half-naked, but I was also in bed with Harry Styles, listening to his soft snores like my life depended on it. So we may have made out a little last night.

...And it may have gotten just a teensy tiny bit hot because of the alcohol. Of course, we'd fallen asleep before anything major happened, but...

It was a still a mystery, how our clothes ended up on the floor, but I had no intention of prying.

With a quick yawn, I climbed out of bed, making sure the doors to the rest of the guys' rooms were locked before slipping into the bathroom to shower.

★ Harry's POV ★

I woke up to the sound of running water. A hangover was coming on at first, but when I nearly fell out of bed, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. For a moment, I wasn't sure what had happened last night—but after a quick look at my surroundings, it came back.

Marcy came over. We drank. We kissed...

I touched my lower lip, recalling the sensation perfectly despite the alcohol that had been swimming in my veins at the time. Had I actually...?

Before I could jump to any conclusions, my phone rang from the bedside table.

A text this early? From who?

But when I read the message, I had to reread it a few times before it completely sank in.

Marcy’s gonna flip when she finds out…

★ Marcy’s POV ★


Harry’s shout was more shocked than inquisitive, as if he was surprised to find out I existed. I froze behind the shower curtain, waiting for him to continue.

“I just got a text from Zayn. You are not going to believe what it says!”

“Guessing it’s about Kam?” I asked, relaxing when he made no move to come closer.

“Exactly. Take a look at what it says.” He shoved the phone towards the edge of the curtain, waiting until I reached for it to retract his hand.

Guess what I did last night. Or rather, who I did ;)

My mouth fell open in shock.

“And you got this just now?” I returned the phone, sticking my head out to let Harry fully digest my surprised expression.

“Yes!” He stuffed the cell in his pocket. “You don’t think they’d actually—”

“I didn’t!” I almost shrieked. This was…bad, to say the least. “At least, I thought they wouldn’t…”

“Niall’s not gonna be happy about this.” He shook his head, turning back for advice. “Should we tell him?”

“Knowing Kam, she’s already gotten Zayn to send it to the rest of the guys.” I sighed. “If they’re still asleep, maybe we can delete it before they wake up.”

“Right. Because we can walk through walls now.” He grinned, stepping closer, slowly blinking those dazzling emerald eyes of his.

“I thought you’d know that by now.” I couldn’t help but lean forward and land a peck on his lips, giggling when he inched closer.

We may have gotten distracted for a while.

★ Niall’s POV ★

The longer I stared at the time, the slower it seemed to pass.

Liam, Louis and I were sitting on the living room couch, gobbling down whatever food we could get from room service. Granted, Liam and I weren’t up for eating, but Louis seemed to have no problem finishing our food when we didn’t eat.

Strangely enough, Liam had lost his appetite for the same reason I had—a text. Zayn’s text, specifically, which rose hell in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t know if it was genuine or not without speaking to Marcy, but she was taking an awfully long time in the shower. She probably wouldn’t help me much if I just stormed in there, but…


She appeared at the doorway in Harry’s clothes, wet hair tucked into a towel. Was it me, or was she happier in the morning?

I shook my head and waved her closer, watching as Harry popped up behind her.

“Sup.” He said, in his usual shorts and t-shirt, but something was off…

Was his hair wet?

But I didn’t ask. Instead, I practically yanked Marcy down beside me to understand what the hell was going on regarding the text.

“I have no idea,” She met my demanding gaze with wide eyes. “And I guess I could find out, but…where’s the fun in that?” She stood, stretching as she headed for Harry’s bedroom. “If it bothers you so much, why not find out yourself? It might have a better outcome than sitting around and moping about it.”

With a wink, she collected her things and waved to Harry, who followed her lead. She headed out alongside him, clothes and hair completely clean, almost as if she hadn’t been here at all.

I stared at the screen for the longest time.

Should I call Kam and tell her I’m coming over? Or should it be more of a surprise?

There was always the possibility of walking into an all-out love fest, but…

I didn’t think I could wait til she returned my calls.

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