11 ~ Cute Lil Cinnamon Roll

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"E-excuse m-me,  class ended. " A boy stuttered while he lightly shook me.

"Huh.... " I blinked and looked up to meet emerald irises with a messy mop of green curls.

"C-class e-e-ended s-so I thought I should wake you up. " He nervously scratched the back of his head with a nervous smile.

"Oh... Thanks bud. " I said as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.  This is what I get for staying up late watching Netflix.

"Uh.... Yeah n-no problem. " He smiled.

"Well....gotta get to my next class.  Nice meeting you.. Uh-"

"Midoryia Izuku. " He answered.

"Well nice meeting 'ya Midoryia. I'm [Y/N], [L/N]." Hope we can meet again." I gave a wave as I strolled out of the classroom.

What a cute lil cinnamon roll. I thought to my self as I walked to the next class.


 "I'm sooooo tired..... " I sighed as I walked out of the college.  I then spotted familiar green curls.

"Yo Midoryia! " I called out to the boy.

He looked around with a confused look on his face,  then seeing me he smiled. "H-hi [L/N]." He stuttered with a small blush.

How cute!!!!!

"Hey I bet you'll be happy to hear I didn't fall asleep during any other lectures. " I laughed.

"I am happy to hear that." He chuckled.

"So what are you majoring in?"

"Uh.. I'm majoring in creative writing."

"That's soooo cool!!!  We major in the same thing!!! " I exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh wow, I guess then maybe we can help each other in our studies then sometime. " He smiled up at me again.

"For sure! Hey what's your snap?" I asked as I took our my phone,  opening Snapchat.

"Uh.. Here I'll type it in. " He took my phone and typed in the code.

"Small-might huh?" I chuckled as he blushed.

"All Might is my favorite comic book character." He mumbled.

"Awe that's cute. " I laughed at his embarrassed face.

"Uh.... Thanks? "

"No problem well... I'm off to work.  Hit me up sometime for a study session.  Gonna need help catching up after sleeping through class." I waved goodbye to the green haired boy.

Just a little afterwards my phone vibrated.

small- might added you back.

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