Chapter One: That's My Motto Make Love Not War.

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Chapter One: That's My Motto Make Love Not War.

My converse clad feet skid to a stop as I try and catch my breath. Resting my hands of my knees, I manage to get my panting under control and then straighten up. Peering around the quad, I'm relieved to see that no one's seen my mad dash to get here. Running a hand through my windswept hair my eyes dart around and try and find him. As always, I know he's here but given the fact that class has just let out for a lot of people Cole won't be the easiest to find.

Then I hear it.

A high pitched giggling sound that's usually associated when someone's pawing at my boyfriend. Squaring my shoulders I head towards the direction of the squealing chipmunk and surely enough, there's an exotic looking girl trying to climb all over Cole like she's a next generation spider monkey. But then again there are always exotic looking college girls trying to worm their way into his pants and two months into my freshman year here at Brown, it's something that I've had to bitterly accept.  The fact that Cole constantly plays dodge the ball with their grabby hands puts me at peace. I genuinely feel sorry for him, the way he has to force these girls to not come on to him too strongly. What some men might consider nirvana, is is hell. 

Deciding to put him out of his misery, I push past the throngs of students and get to him just as his latest fan girl reaches up and caresses his arm. She definitely looks like the stereotypical man stealer that I've had the misfortune of running into these past couple of months. She's tall, amazonian even and has tanned skin. Her mane of dark hair is pulled into that stylish but cute side braid that I can never master without looking like I should be in kindergarten, to top it all of she is impeccably dressed even in the cold weather with skin tight jeans, a figure hugging white sweater and a belt wrapped around her waist, emphasising just how tiny it is.

I take a moment to study my own outfit that I'd hurriedly thrown over this morning before I left home. Comfy fuzzy sweater, jeans with a pesky coffee stain, black worn boats and a scarf that nearly swallowed me all-I'm surely not in the same league as Miss Glamazon over there but that's the point. A huge smile makes its way onto my face as I happily cross over to Cole and loop my arms around his back. He doesn't jump nor is he startled, in fact I can feel his body relax under my touch and it's all kinds of wonderful. 

I poke my head around his side to smile at his latest admirer whose perfectly shaped eyebrows are nearly retreating into her hairline. 

"Hi I'm Tessa, Cole's girlfriend and I haven't seen him in nearly three days. Do you mind if I borrow him?"

Cole's body shakes with silent laughter as the girl simply stares at me. My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling so much but it's part of the game. You simply cannot let them intimidate you. Once that happens, they think it's okay if they casually slip their bra into your boyfriend's car.

It happened.

It's never happening again, those double D's were traumatising 

It takes her sometime to come to terms with the fact that her newest prey is taken. But she doesn't let it show for long, shaking her head she offers me a fake smile of her own.

"Of course. I'm Allison, Cole's partner in his Psychology class. We were just discussing a time to meet up later for our project."

The way she says meet up later makes my skin crawl. She's added some sort of a sexual connotation to the words and I know that she's done it on purpose because that's what they do.

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