my boss' arrogant son chapter 5

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Today is officially a shit day. The screen in front of me is spinning around as all the numbers are starting to look the same, and I've already been shouted at twice.

I woke up curled on my hallway floor using my clutch bag as a pillow and had the usual morning panic attack for sleeping in, finally rushing in ten minutes late and earning myself a lecture from Satan.

Alan was all "Why are you late?" Seriously, not something you want to listen to when your dying. And trust me, I'm dying today. I mean, what did he want me to do, come in stinking of drink and looking like a dirty stop out? So yeah, I was late - but only because I like to come into my work clean, something he should maybe try!

Then he had a go at me for not filing his massive pile of paperwork that he so nicely left in a complete mess on my desk in time. I'd only been in for 15 minutes and there was over 40 dispatch notes there that needed to be filed alphabetically - did I mention I'm dying.

Today is definitely pick on Emma day!

I finally got that finished and moved onto the VAT return which is due, and trust me when I say numbers are not my thing! So now, I'm seriously considering sneaking out the door and hiding out in my flat for the rest of the day; do you think I'd get away with it? Maybe not.

I think its time for coffee - yeah it's definitely time for coffee.

Just as I was thinking that, Alan's door flew open and the two twats came striding out.

I sank down in my seat, hoping they wouldn't notice me, but no such luck.

"Emily you need to drive Evan through to Perth," Alan barked at me, standing over my desk.

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"Do you not understand English? You're driving Evan through to Perth," he snapped at me, throwing the company car keys down on my desk.

"But I..." I started but got interrupted.

"I'm not interested in your 'buts', just do it," he screamed, not waiting for a response and stalking back out of the room leaving me with his mini-me.

Fine, if he wants me to drive then I'll drive. And can you believe he had the cheek to ask me if I understood English - coming from the guy that can't grasp the sentence 'My name is Emma'.

I could feel Evan's eyes burning into me as I grabbed my bag and snatched the keys off the table, storming out the offices.

I can't believe they're making me do this! It's a joke!

"Why can't you drive?" I snapped as we got to the car.

"Feeling a bit hungover," Evan answered with a yawn. He didn't look hungover, he looked fucking fine. "How are you feeling today? You don't look so good."

"I'm fine," I huffed back, getting in the car and checking the mirrors. God, It's been ages since I was sitting in the drivers seat of a car - I hope he realises what he's got himself into.

"So did you have a good night?" he asked jokingly as I turned the radio up full blast and ignored him. What, I like this song ok.

I bet this is payback for giving him the finger last night, he needs to grow up.

"So you like Plan B then?" I heard him shout over the music. Is he still speaking - can't he take the hint?

Has someone been smoking in this car or is it just me? Glancing over, I noticed Evan's window rolled down as he puffed away. Normally I wouldn't care, but this is a company car which means if Alan finds out he'll probably strangle me with his own two hands.

"Are you mental, put that out," I shouted at him turning down the music.

He looked at me with a big smirk, before taking another draw.

"Get that out," I yelled again. "If Alan finds out he'll kill us."

"How's he gonna find out?" he asked, before adding, "Besides he won't bother about me, it'll be you that get's it."

Is he wanting a fight? I think he is. I mean that's fighting talk right there.

Leaning over I tried to snatch the cigarette from him, but the stupid idiot managed to drop it at his feet.

"Well done," I hissed as he bent down to pick it up. Secretly I was hoping it would burn a massive hole in the floor which would cost Alan some pennies. I know, I can be a bit of a bitch...who cares.

"What that was your fault," he snipped back.

"Nah I don't think so, I wasn't the one who dropped it," I replied.

"Whatever," he sighed, chucking the fag out the window and closing it. Oh well, no burns today then.

I put the music back up as we got onto the motorway. I just want to hurry up and get to Perth, so I can find a nice clean toilet to be sick in. My stomach is doing the Mexican wave right now.

"Do you want to slow down a bit?" Evan said after a few minutes as I overtook the car in front.

"Not really," I replied, bored.

"You do realise your speeding right?" he wondered, turning the music down and looking at me.

"Really?" I enquired shocked. Hey, like I said it's been a long time since I drove a car.

"No it's fine to go 90mph down the motorway," he snapped sarcastically. "Yeah really, who the hell gave you your license?"

"No one they said I was a risk to other drivers," I answered. "Can you believe that, just because had one near crash on my test they failed me. It wasn't even my fault that guy came out of nowhere. It's not even like I actually crashed, but they were so harsh about it."

Ok, I was rambling but it's still a bit of a touchy subject.

"Wait, let me get this straight, you don't actually have a license?" he said slowly.

"Well, I've got my provisional. I mean I think it's still in date," I trailed off thinking.

"Pull the car over," Evan ordered.

"What, why?" Does he really think he's going to drag me out the office on a little mission and then not let me drive; could he not have thought this up before we were halfway there.

"Have you listened to yourself? You don't even have a license," he spat out, staring at me like I was retarded.

"So I've got a provisional, it's like the same thing," I answered back.

"You don't even know if it's still valid," he shouted.

"I already told you I think it is, and it's not like we're gonna be pulled over," I shouted back, starting to get seriously pissed off. I mean what's the big problem? It's not like I didn't try to tell Alan, but you try getting a word in edgeways with him - it's not exactly easy.

"Just pull over will you," he sighed, turning the radio right down.

"Fine," I huffed, turning off at the next exit.

We switched sides so Mr Hungover was driving and took off again, me turning the music back up.

He is pissed, I can tell. I don't know what he's got to be in a strop about, I'm the one who's been dragged out for no reason.

Come to think of it, I don't even know what he's going to Perth for. It had better be good or I'm not going to be happy. Knowing him, he'll be going through for more tip-ex or something completely retarded like that!

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