Hey so school is in 5 days and my birthday is like in 2 weeks. you see my problem? Well it's time to keep writing this chapter before I burn down my computer because Zayn got off twitter.


"Louis I- I can't I mean not right now I just don't think that we're ready for that" I said feeling my heart fall but I couldn't help it. It was the truth I wasn't ready and I need to just know if it's worth it to be with him I know his past but I don't know what it's like to be with him.

"I understand but Erika would you wait for me..would you wait for the right time?" he looked at me with hopeful eyes and I nodded slowly with a small smile "Promise me you'll wait and if you wait I promise you that you won't regret it" he held his pinkie out as I let out a small chuckled and we pinkie promised as he had an award-winning smile and walked out and heard whispers outside my door so I walked over to it and opened it. "Really?" I raised my eyebrows to find the boys frozen Harry was hugging Louis as Zayn had his hand on his back while Niall and Liam we're going for a group hug, Jack and Finn had their hands out for a high five and Drake and Abel had their hands in fist and elbowed towards their chest with a huge smile on their face. The boys broke apart "Dance rehearsals, after I'm going with you Niall and all of you need to be ready by 9 for dinner with Jonathan" I said and they all ran around and I went back in my room to get ready for rehearsals then texted Isabel and Candace to get the crew ready.

Before I got ready I walked downstairs to find Aunt Rosa and Aunt Maria watching their soap operas "Tia is there a dance studio in town that is empty around now?" I asked getting my water bottle "Mija we have one here in the house, it's down that hallway and the last door on the right and it's right there" Aunt Rosa said not looking away from the TV "A dance studio? what else is there in this house I don't know about?" I placed my hand in my hip as I looked at them. "Oh we have a small gym and a door with a staircase up to a secret part of the roof with flowers and just so you can look up to the sky, it's very pretty" Aunt Maria said pointing at doors where everything was "Cool" I said and walked upstairs to finally get ready. I wore a light gray off the shoulder cropped sweater that showed my belly and rolled up the sleeves I put on my navy blue sweatpants that had a cute silver design on the side of my left leg and got my blue and silver Jordan's and put my hair in a messy bun. Did I ever mention I had a belly button piercing no? well I do and so does Isabel and Candace and today was the day I was going to wear one since I haven't in so long. I put on a small Crystal blue one with silver little chains hanging down from it and the door bell rang "I got it" I yelled and skipped the steps on the stairs and slightly jogged to the door "Duke!" I jumped and hugged him and let the crew in as I was still in Duke's arms "I missed you too" he smiled and set me down "Ha your short" he laughed "Hahaha yeah so funny" I said and punched his stomach "Ha" I pointed as he held his stomach.

Isabel and Candace walked down the stairs, Isabel had on a black cropped shirt that showed her belly ring as well and some gray sweatpants and black Jordan's, her ring was black with a simple diamond on the bottom making the whole outfit more girly. Candace was wearing a tan cropped shirt with sleeves cut off at her elbow and pink sweatpants with and some white Jordans, her belly ring was pink with a small little peace sign dangling down. We look at each other and started laughing "The triplets all wore the rings" Duke announced and they all laughed. I lead them to the dance studio and Isabel brought her luggage DJ set and set it up "Okay we're doing a concert Saturday so we're working with JB,!d and after that I came up with a new dance for our thing so let's do this" I announced and got in front of the mirror and started teaching the steps for As Long As You Love Me, the song ended and the boys walked in "What's going on?" Liam asked with all the boys following "Rehearsals for Saturday" I stood there and placing a hand on my hip. "Woah belly rings!" Niall said and rushed over to me and lifted some of the chains "What?" the boys turned and walked over to me and looked at it "Isabel and Candace have one too" I pointed and Harry and Zayn walked to them. Harry was telling Isabel how cute and hot it is as he pecked her lips and Zayn was totally flirting with Candace telling her it looked hot and nice, so I bumped Candace into Zayn as he catched her in his arms they looked into each others eyes. I walked away and let them do their thing and went back to Louis,Niall and Liam "It looks really nice on you" Louis said and then he took me in his arms and whispered in my ear "It's also very sexy" I pulled back and blushed and walked away "Okay everybody this is for I Want" I clapped and everyone went back to formation.

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