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Carters p.o.v

it had been a couple days since I had been home.  Me and luke were trying to get alongfor the sake of living under the same roof. we had spoken and agreed that there was no way we were giving up this house so we also agreed to get along for everyones sake. two days after I got back me and michael told everyone and they were surprisingly supportive.  today I was going to meet with ashton who was bringing blake, only she didnt know i was going to be there and i was slightly nervous. I knew that since I had left, her and jessica had become great friends and that jessica had replaced my role as her go to person I didnt blame her I mean I missed her wedding and left her here.

"luke im leaving now will you be in when im back?" I shouted up the stairs as I grabbed my keys and phone.

" yea I should be if not I will probably be at the band house. byeeeee" he replied from the top of the stairs and I headed out. The walk was short as we were meeting at a cafe just down the street and as I entered I saw ashton sitting at a

table with blake.  she hadn't changed one bit. I took a deep breath and walked over to the table and slowly sat down. blake looked up shocked.

"uhh hi guys" I said nervous

"hey car" ashton said with a smile.

"hi why are you here" blake said coldly

I could tell she already wanted me to leave.

"well I just wanted to see how you were and ashton had asked me to join you for lunch. blake i.." she cut me off sounding a little pissed.

"listen I dont really care why you think your here but as far as im concerned I dont know you anymore. you left. that was your choice sorry that I had no one but jessica to rely on. but don't try and walk in here apologise and try and rescue whatever friendship you think we have. you should just go!" she crossed her arms and let out a puff of air.

"blake com'mon. you dont have to leave car really"  ashton said reaching his hand for mine

"no no its fine I'll just go. its nice to see you blake. im sorry for... well everything." I got up and walked out wanting to cry but holding it in. I had well and truly lost her. I practically ran home slamming the front door behind me.


I was lying in my room  writting some stuff when I herd the front door slam and light footstep running up the stairs follow by the slam of a bedroom door. I set my guitar down and slowly walked to carters room and knocking the door  lightly.

"hey you okay can I come in" I was already opening the door and peeping my head round the door.

"go away" she said through her soft sobs.

"im comming in" I said pushing the door open and walking to her bedside.

"what happend car?" I asked trying to get her to look at me.

"blake she hates me I screwed up luke. I lost my best friend" she continued to cry into her pillow. I crawled onto the bed next to her and pulled her into my arms.

"heyy shhh its okay dont cry ,blake will get over it and if she dosnt then she is the one missing out not you." I said wiping a few of her tears from her face as she burried it into my chest. I loved holding her I hadnt felt like this in a long time holding her just felt so right. 

"if she dosnt I have no one." her words where hushed as she cuddled into me tighter.

"you'll have me and michael and ashton and cal. everything will work out I promise." she looked up at me and we stared into eachothers eyes for a minute before we herd the door shut.

"hello anyone home" it was michael. carter slowly got up lifting her head from my chest, I lost my balnce and fell farward a bit making our lips conect. At first we were shocked but soon began to kiss back she wrapped her arms around my neck and grabbed a handfull of my hair in her small hands. I let my hands travel down her thigh trying to close the gap between us. she pulled back when we herd footsteps comming up the stiars.

"ahh there you are. omg carter are you okay come here baby girl." carter walked over to michael wrapping her arms around him.

" I was just keeping her company. things with blake didnt go well and she is a bit upset." I said rubbing my lips to hind any lipstick that was now on them

" come on baby lets get you some froyo." the intertwined there hands and walked out. carter gave me a quick glance over her shoulder before they were completely out of sight. man I missed her kiss. what am I meant to do? does this mean she still likes me? I love her , but he is my best mate. I love her...

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