Chapter 38- Graduation Day (super short)

"Thank you 2014-2015! We finally did it! We graduated!" I spoke using the microphone and all of the students cheered and yelled.

I went down in the stage and the people I passed through shook hands with me.

Wait, I never saw Aiden. Where was he when I gave my speech? I pushed my way through the crowd, but someone pulled my arm.

"Oh my gosh Heather! That was an amazing speech! Inspiring!" Ciara yelled and hugged me.

"Oh yeah thanks! That took time you know. Hey, do you know where Aiden is?"

"Im not sure. I only saw Zach. Why?"

"I didn't see him today." That made me upset. I felt my phone vibrating and I took my phone out and saw Aiden's name

Come out. xx

"Look Ciara, let's celebrate later. Aiden's meeting me outside. call you later?"

"Yeah, yeah. Go! Go to him!" Ciara acted like she was the third wheeler during a date.

I laughed at her and went my way out. when I left the school, I couldn't see Aiden. I felt my phone beeping and I took it out. I was about to turned around, but a wall pushed me.



I looked up and saw Aiden smirking at me.

"Read my message?" I looked at the message just given to me.

Look out. Be prepared.

"Now I did." I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.


Hey guys! It's been a while that I didn't update. Plus this chapter is super short. I didn't know what to think of. Sorry, but hey! I'm already done with the epilogue except for chapter 39. lol, anyways, bye!!!!!!

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