After they all left, I used the telephone of the hospital to call Aiden.

"Hello?" I miss him.

"Hi Aiden."

"Heather?! Oh my, you're awake!" I laughed at him because he was so relieved.

"Yep. I am. Where were you? You didn't visit me a while ago. Why?"

"I had to do something. For you."

"What did you do? Tell me!"

"Nope. It's a secret. I'll pick you up later. Is that ok with you?"

"Yeah sure. I have to go. I need to prepare. Bye."

I wonder what he's going to do.

I called Ciara and Jessica-my friend, for help because I was badly injured and plus I need clothes.

Ciara chose my clothes and. did my hair. I was using a black tank top with a jean jacket, a dark red skaters skirt, black knee high socks, and a pair of black combat boots and my hair was in a fish tail.

I heard the door of my room opening slowly.

And there he was.


My bad boy.

Chapter 37- I Love You So Much

As soon as I saw Aiden, I ran towards him and kissed him on the lips. We both moved in a sync and I placed both my hands on his chest. He grabbed me closer until both our chests were touching. I pushed him lightly and we were both breathing hard.

"Guess I forgot to tell you something," he said.

"What is it?"

"You look beautiful tonight." I blushed hard like a tomato and turned around to lock the door. After locking, I grabbed Aiden's hand and went to his car.

Being a gentleman, he went to the passengers seat to open the door for me. I went inside of his car and buckled in while watching Aiden run to the drivers seat.

"Ready?" he asked and I nodded eagerly. He stepped on the pedal and drove off.

° ~ °

The ride was quite long. Every 10 minutes I would ask Aiden if we were there yet and all he did was to shake his head at me and continue driving.

"For the last time Aiden, are we there yet? Because I swear, if you don't tell me where you're bringing me, I'm getting out of the car and walk away."

"Geez woman, you're so impatient," he said as he tried to hide his smile.

I waited for 10 minutes and I was really getting impatient. Yeah, call me impatient, but just imagine your boyfriend and you, just driving, for like-I don't know, 1 hour?! I was about to open my mouth when he finally said it.

"We're here."

I looked at the window and saw a restaurant which was fancy. He got out of the car and went to my side to open the car for me. He led me inside the restaurant and everything was wow.

"Reservation for Mr. Aiden." he told the waiter. The waiter checked the list, flipped the papers, and his eyes scanning the name. He looked at Aiden and nodded his head.

"This way sir, ma'am."

We walked to our table and Aiden led me to my seat. He sat down to the other seat facing me. The waiter suddenly went gave the menu and waited for us to order.

"What would you be having ma'am?" The waiter asked getting his notepad and a pen.

"I'll be having a taco salad please."

"I'll be having steak covered with gravy." Aiden grumbled. The waiter got our menus and left. I looked at Aiden and saw him glaring to the left. I turned as around and saw the waiter that got our orders.

"Aiden, what's wrong?" I asked him in concern. I saw his knuckles turning white and he fists clenched. I held his hand and interwined with his.

"Nothing," he said still glaring.

"Aiden, please tell me what's wrong."

He sighed and stopped glaring. He looked at me and said "The waiter keeps looking at you. It was like he wanted to remove all your clothes -"

"Aiden, stop. Don't worry because he won't. I'm yours remember?" He smiled at me and held my hands.

° ~ °

After dinner, Aiden and I headed to the car, but he stopped walking. I looked at him in a questioning look, but he smirked.

"Heather, everything just happend it a blur. We met each other on the first day and now we're here. Together. All this running, hiding, killing, or maybe resurrecting, will end. I promise you Heather. I will do anything for you Heather. I'll remove everything from my past just to be with you. I love you so much."

I laughed while tears were strolling down on my cheeks, "I love you too Aiden," I smiled and kissed him.

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