"Aiden. I just received a text from Mili that she already has a plan." Mili was our old friend when we were in elementary. She was our best friend, but eventually we had to split up. So Zach and I left and came to live here in California.

"And what's the plan?"

"Dude, here's the plan. We go call everyone we know in the gang and rescue Heather. "

"And how would we do that?" Ciara asked.

"We confuse Nathan with another Heather since he 'likes' your girlfriend."

"And who looks exactly like Heather?" Ciara snorted.

"Hannah. Hannah Sanchez."

Chapter 33- Rescuing

Aiden's P.O.V.

Wait. What?


Hannah Sanchez?

THE Hannah Sanchez?

The Hannah Sancez that Nathan was accusing me for her death?

"Hannah? Hannah Sanchez? I thought she was de-,"

"Everybody thought Hannah was dead. Which she's not," he said with the "duh" tone.

"But Nathan saw her get killed," Ciara pointed out.

"She had to let someone pretend to kill her. She used the bullet proof jacket and wore it." Zach answered.

"But then there was blood everywhere. Nathan told me."

"Nope. That was fake blood."

"And how do you know that?" Ciara asked.

"I was there." Zach unfolding the blueprint of the plan.

"What if you weren't there?" I rose both my eyebrows at him.

"I'd still know." Zach shrugged.

"Why would you still know if you weren't there?" Ciara asked with curious tone.

"I know a person who can tell me answers."

"And who is this person who knows everything." Ciara asked.

"My sister." Zach replied.

Ok. Everything was getting confusing. One, Hannah is alive. Two, Zach knows Hannah that she wasn't killed and I didn't know that. Three, Zach knows a person who knows everything-well not everything. What's next? Zach's cousins with Hannah-note the sarcasm.

"And who exactly is your sister?" I asked while putting my hands in my pocket.

"Hannah. Hannah Sanchez Hartford. Or should I say, HSH." Zach smirked at us while our jaws dropped.

Well, close enough that Zach's sister was-is Hannah.


This chapter is already edited before. There will be a Chapter 33 part 2 so that you won't get confused with the first edited one.

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