Chapter 18

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Ava stared at Jayce for what seemed like decades until she noticed that she was the rude girl she had accidentally bumped into.

Her eyes looked Jayce up and down, realizing that she didn't have the enormous stomach, or the green contacts. She had on a pair of light washed high waisted jeans and a casual olive green tube top that exposed her cleavage. Her neat faux locs were half up half down, showcasing her face full of makeup and she wore olive green Fenty Puma slides.

Ava continued to investigate and she noticed Jayce carrying a red car seat. She smiled, figuring that Jayce must've been a family member. "Awe, you had your baby?"

Jayce gave Ava a weird look, "yeaa.. you look familiar... where did I see you at?"

Bitch, you know where you seen me at... "I accidentally bumped into you at Victoria's Secret and you kinda had a attitude."

"Oh yea! I'm sorry about that, I was having a really bad day. My baby daddy wasn't answering any of my calls— it was a disaster." She rambled. "But anyways, is Angelina here?"

"Oh yea she is. Would you like to come in?" Ava said moving out of the doorway.

"Yes please," Jayce squeezed through the doorway with the car seat and Ava closed the door behind her. "I like your dress," Jayce complimented as she took a seat on the couch and placed the car seat on the floor next to her along with a baby bag.

Angelina was no longer in the kitchen. Instead, she was upstairs using her bathroom.

Ava sat down as well and crossed her legs, "Thank you." She watched as Jayce unbuckled her baby from the car seat and pulled him out. Awe, she cooed in her head.

Amarie was dressed in a pastel blue Adidas onesie with a hoodie on the back and the pants to match, with all white Adidas on his tiny feet. His big honey eyes sparkled with glee and he chewed against his fingers, staring at his mom.

Awkward as hell, Ava thought.

"You must be Blue's sister?" Jayce asked as she laid Amarie on her lap to check his diaper.

Ava laughed, "No I'm his gir—"

"Who was at the door Ava?" Angelina questioned making her way back downstairs. When she made it at the bottom of the steps, she stopped and smiled. "You brought my baby to see me?"

Angelina has developed a strong bond with Amarie over the past month, since Jayce stopped by every other day. She adored him and could definitely tell that he was her sons seed.

At first, she was a little skeptical because Blue had never mentioned having a baby before. It was all out of nowhere when he came knocking on her door with a "surprise". He sat her down, explained everything and she eventually fell in love with Amarie.

However she didn't have a bond with Jayce. She could tell that she was a gold digging bitch. Don't get it wrong, Angelina loved seeing her grandson, but what babymomma you know brings their kid to their baby daddy's mother house everyday?

Jayce was just trying way too hard.

"Well yea, I had to bring him by to see his grandma before we go to Harlem." Jayce chuckled holding him up and kissing his chubby cheek.


"I didn't know you had any grandkids," Ava said.

"Wait have y'all two even met?" Angelina made her way over to them and place her hands on her hips.

"We saw each other at the store, which is weird because she was pregnant at that time." Ava spoke, shrugging her shoulders.

Angelina furrowed her eyebrows. She could tell that Ava was clueless. "Hmmm, so y'all don't know who each other is?"

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