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Luke's Pov

I felt so bad i should have never asked.I'm such a fuck up.

Oh shit im late for school.I put on my uniform and put some bracelets on to cover up my scars. I was four months clean but I wanted to cut again.

At school

"Heyyyy Calum" I said greeting my best friend Calum


"I'm sorry i wasn't feeling 100%"
" Suck it the fuck up we're going to be late for class "

After class

" Wow we didn't even learn math like i'm here to learn what 989+2572x67 equals not what color your daughter dyed her hair"

"Nerd.I mean I would love to know what color she dyed it." Said my other friend Michael.

"Dude shes 15, You're 17

"So" he said bluntly

"WILL U GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Yelled my other friend Ashton.

"sorry" Michael and I both said.

"Thank u . I got to go to class . See u later" Ash said.

"HEY BITCHACHOS" Calum exclaimed.
"Calum were the fuck were you ?" I asked "Uh lets just say it was the best thing ever ." He said

"Wait don't tell me you... * whispers * you know ..did it?" Michael asked. "Well no but yes.. it was a heated make out session....with no pants on." Calum said smirking.

"OMG EWWWWWW IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED IN SCHOOL " I yelled in a joking matter.

"Oh my Goodness Luke shush up." Mikey said.

"Yeah what are you my mother" Cal laughed.

"Im leaving you two are gross".

I walked away and into my most dreaded period... science.

I always managed to get the most bullied there.

Oh well im just going to have to deal with it.

{hi guys i hope you enjoyed part two and surprise i made Luke cut but he stopped so thats good. I wrote that Calum scene bc i had no clue what to write so that was the first thing that came to mind . Also i'm going to be updating a lot today thanks to amber aka my bæ}

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