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Sunny was cuddled up with Wonwoo, sitting in the living room in the dorms. She had her head against his chest and she was playing games on her phone. She had gotten a notification for a vlive. It was on the Stray Kids channel.

Sunny clicked on it and got startled by the loud voices that blared through the speakers of her phone. She laughed a bit when she watched Rosey and Jeongin run down the halls of their companies building screaming like little kids.

"YEAHHH!" Rosey screamed, causing Sunny to sit up from her position on Wonwoo.

Sunny pulled the phone closer to her face when she noticed that the two kids had stopped their running and were quiet.

"Why is it so quiet?" Mingyu asked, moving closer to Sunny who was looking at the phone a bit confused.

"I don't know, I think they got caug—.." Sunny was interrupted when the screaming started again from phone.

"ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!" Rosey yelled to the camera she was holding.

"There it is." Sunny said, nodding her head.

The Vlive ended after Sunny said "Cute" because of the way Rosey and Jeongin were acting for the holidays. Sunny sighed and shut off her phone, setting it down on the table next to her.

Christmas was coming up in two days, tomorrow being Christmas Eve. Sunny didn't want to do a present exchange with her members since that would be a lot of presents from each person.

"I say we don't do presents this year." Sunny said suddenly.

"Eh?" Wonwoo said. There weren't a lot of the members in the same room but if she told Mingyu and Wonwoo her ideas then they most likely would tell the others anyways.

"It's so much. Money wise, it's a lot. I just think we should have the company of each other. At least, that's all I want for Christmas." Sunny explained, moving her hands along with her.

"Are you sure?" Mingyu asked.

"Yeah, unless you guys want to exchange gifts. I'm fine with whatever you guys want to do." Sunny said.

After a few hours, the group talked about what they should do for Christmas. They all finally came to the decision of just enjoying each other's company. Sitting together as one big family would be just enough for Sunny to enjoy her first Christmas with Seventeen.

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