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Chapter nine, bitches!
I wanted to say that I started learning Latin recently and it's the most difficult language I've ever learnt!

Good reading and don't forget to tell me what you think!

Good reading and don't forget to tell me what you think!

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Familia ante omnia.
Family over all.


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

I silently looked around me, admiring the bedroom that was given to me in this enormous mansion.

After Harry surprisingly allowed me to stay, a housekeeper named Linda guided me to my new bedroom, that used to be where Georgina slept when she usually came here. But now she doesn't came anymore so I'm allowed to stay here.

The bedroom is in tons of white and silver. It's also much bigger than my old bedroom in uncle's house, but much more lifeless. I can't imagine myself sleeping here everyday in this bedroom that was not decorated by me and it's too big for me. It has a fancy white desk with a chair made of glass. In the top of the desk there is a big white iMac and I don't even know how to work on it.

The bed is big enough for three people sleeping there and I couldn't not notice the enormous silver chandelier which was hanging on the ceiling.

The bedroom also had a big window that occupied one entire wall and leaded to an amazing balcony, composed by a white wooden table with four chairs.

Two white closed doors were included in the bedroom. One of them was a huge closet full of mirrors and empty, later I'll put there all my clothes. The other door was a bathroom, a big one, with a giant bath and a big white shiny sink that had lights, probably to illuminate my face when I'm applying my makeup or anything. Everything is perfect in this bathroom and I'm obviously fascinated by everything I've seen in this house.

Everything in this bedroom is so light compared to the rest of the house, which is dark, but, nevertheless, breathtaking. Honestly, everything in this house screams perfection, fancy, wealth and classy. And I love every single bit of it.

I quietly sat on the bed and thought about this long and tiring day. Today I faced one of my biggest fears and it didn't turn out that bad. I don't know how, but Harry accepted me here and I showed him how thankful I was with sweet and kind words. He obviously ignored me, but I shrugged. It was a good thing he allowed me to stay here, so I'll try not to bother or anger him. The thing I want the most right now is peace between us. Only that way I'll able to focus on the ballet and my future. If I'm not on right terms with him, then I know I won't be capable of concentrate on everything else.

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