My Eyes 2 - Chapter 03

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Just as Eliza expected; the rumors followed her wherever she went. The moment they joined the flow of students entering the school building, everyone looked at them at least once. It didn't help the fact that their colleagues opened some space and gave them the spotlight in the crowded corridor.

To her surprise, it didn't bother her as much as she imagined. Guess all I went through the first semester was a good training for this... Or maybe Bianca was right... I can't focus on anything other than the fact that I'm wearing her wet panty...

The reminder only made her cheeks blush.

But Eliza knew even if she hadn't exchanged underwear with her perverted girlfriend, there would something preventing her mood from rising completely.

I can't believe Bianca didn't let go... I was so worried I didn't even notice until it was too late, she thought, glancing down at their hands.

Bianca was holding her hand and looking as if that made her the happiest girl on earth.

When the fact that the lesbian couple had arrived holding hands had also spread throughout school at an unbelievable speed, Eliza gave up caring.

Now that everyone already knows we're together, it doesn't feel so bad so far... but it's amazing Bianca can hum and smile like this with everyone looking at us... I wish I could be like that too, Eliza thought with a mixture of angry and envy.

With a huge smile, Bianca looked as if immune to anything bad as long as she was holding that hand.

Thank goodness I have her... With her cheeks a shade of pink, Eliza squeezed that firm and yet delicate fingers.

They finally ended the long march and arrived at their classroom. But the rumors only increased. Or maybe in a confined place, I can really notice people whispering about me... hey, let's look at the bright side. At least they aren't openly talking about us... that's an improvement... I guess, Eliza thought, letting out a listless laugh in her head.

Despite everyone whispering about them, no one talked to them directly. Only after they sat at the back seats near the window, someone actually came to talk to them.

"I told you this would happen... but you didn't listen to me," said Raisa, Bianca's best friend. She pulled the chair from an empty seat and sat next to Eliza.

"I do remember that," the redhead said, nodding slowly.

"And yet you don't look sorry at all."

"What's done is done!" Bianca shrugged.

Raisa stared at her friend with an empty expression for a moment. Then she let out a heavy sigh. "I knew you were a moron, but to think you'd do this to Eliza while smiling like that... at least reflect on your actions..."

Eliza flashed a tiny smile. "She never thinks in this situation... she just acts on her impulses..."

"I imagined that... I'm sorry for my idiot friend's moronic behavior..." Raisa shook her head as she crossed her arms.

"Sadly, I'm used to that..."

"That's not good..."

"Wait, wait. Since when you two got so close?" Bianca asked, looking between her friend and her girlfriend. "I didn't hear about this!"

The girls exchanged looks. Then they looked back at the redhead and shrugged at the same time. "It happened," they said in unison.

"Hey, don't leave me in the dark! I wanna hear about that!" Bianca complained grabbing one arm from each girl. But before she could do anything else, the teacher walked into the classroom greeting the class in a tired voice.

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