Late Summer Rain

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The crowd was going berserk. There was no place to stand and girls were squealing with excitement. Whole concert was hit. It was the last day of their tour after traveling for a month.

The famous boy band of Europe. 'The Burning moon'. Joseph Russell was drummer, Samuel Holmes was bass and Nathan Robinson was lead singer and guitarist..

He finished his last song and in the end he came in front of the stage, and gripped the microphone. His hairs were dishevelled in sexiest way. His eyes scanned the arena. Around eighty thousands audience which was present at the moment there.

"Tonight I'm going to propose my girlfriend it's her birthday today." he said with a hint of smile.

Whole stadium erupted into clapping and loud cheers for him. Few girls were crying as their favorite hottest singer was taken. But they never saw his girlfriend before.

Nathaniel motions as cameras were focus on him and suddenly in the dim light of the arena, a spotlight fell on a shy blonde girl. She looked shocked and surprised.

Now on big screens, her and Nathaniel's face were streaming. Lucy was smiling lovingly at him when she was frozen on her spot.

Nathan put the mic aside as he lifted his hand and motions his finger into a sign language.

There's no voice, suddenly everything was frozen. Not a single sound.

Lucy was deaf and Nathan was gifted singer but he fell for her.

Ironically A deaf girl was the muse and inspiration of his music.

'I love you so much and I love the fact that you are in my life. Lucy Green I can't imagine my life without you. So will you marry me?"

Lucy was into limelight, when she saw his confession. She cupped her face with her hands, tears were falling down from her eyes. She was into storms of emotions. She nodded and said yes with shaking her fingers into yes motion.

Nathan came down from the stage and walked towards her. He was the happiest guy in the world.

He reached towards her as she wrapped her arms around him. They pulled apart and he wiped her tears away. She was smiling. As he slipped the ring into her finger.

He cupped her face and pulled her closer to him from the waist, and softly captured her lips into soft and sweet kiss.


After his confession, their was like storm into the whole California. Every news and paparazzi wanted to capture this exclusive interview. Finally Hollywood entertainment magazine scheduled a interview with the most famous couple.

Nathan was sitting there with Lucy. He was calm and happy but Lucy was little nervous. She was not used to all the camera and reporters. Nathan squeezed her hand. She finally relaxed a little bit.

Camera started rolling and interview was starting in few seconds.

Finally it was cue and first question was asked, " So Mr Nathan you had girlfriend all this time?"

" Lucy is with me before I was famous. She loved me when I was nothing, so now I want to give her everything."

" So the most famous question our viewers want to know, how did you met her?"

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