Chapter One: Sparks // Preview

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"Miley, what the fuck is wrong with you!? This is getting ridiculous!" Liam yelled, smashing his glass on our coffee table in rage. The wine splashed against the wood, spraying across the floor while shards of crystal rolled onto the plush carpet. The glass bounced slightly before settling. I wasn't surprised by this action; he's always had slight anger issues.

"All I'm doing is breaking away from my Disney image for GOOD and trying to find myself!" I shouted, clenching my fists in an attempt to control my anger levels. "I thought we've had this conversation! Remember: trying to break free from-"

"Is that what you call it?" He interrupted. "That VMA performance? Not cool! Not sexy! No, you embarrassed me, your friends, your family and yourself! And people know you're not Hannah Montana anymore so what's the big deal?!"

"People are always expecting me to be the innocent little Miley Cyrus and I can't take it anymore! No matter what I do, people seem to always see me as Hannah! They want me to have long curly hair! They want me to be with Disney! It's choking me!"

Exasperated, he ran his fingers through his thick, hazel hair, causing it to stick up in awkward places. Obviously, he was not finished with me as he turned around and opened his mouth again. "What's wrong with that though? You achieved so much as Hannah and I'm seen as bloody Gale everywhere I go!"

"Now that's not fair! You know it's not the same! And maybe it's time for a change-"

"And cutting your hair! I thought we were a couple. Engaged! We make decisions together!"

"Well, maybe I wanna be myself for once! Ya know, be my own person?!"

"You didn't even tell me! You should of had it cut shorter, the public prefers your long hair and so do I if I'm being honest! Ever since the haircut, you've been acting weird! You'll lose so many people! And please just quit the twerking! All of that makes you trashy! That stunt with Robin Thicke at the VMA's? It's all anyone's talked about for weeks and I'm actually embarrassed to be with you sometimes! And please stop taking drugs! It's starting to stink up the bedroom!"

At that remark, I stopped. The way he said it really pissed me off. He just flung it at me, as if it was casual banter. I stepped backwards slowly and spoke in a small voice but my tone rose in a crescendo until it became a scream.

"You. . . you have no idea what addiction is like! I though we had an understanding! I though we were to support each other! But that's what you are, isn't it? You're self-centred, afraid of commitment and-"

"Oh yeah? Well, fuck you, Miley! You know FULL well what I've been through!"

"WELL THAT WAS NOTHING!" I finally screeched, throwing my words at him with the force of a charging leopard.

He slapped me, whipping his hand on my right cheek. The slap ended our 'conversation' like a full stop. A full stop which stung on my face.

I pulled away, cupping my cheek with my hands. Tears streamed from my eyes but I wasn't crying of sadness. I was in pain.

Liam then lowered his voice and his head. At first, I thought he looked guilty, was going to apologize and work things out. But when he spoke, he sounded so dangerous. "I can't be with you anymore, Miles. For months, I've been unhappy. I'm sure you feel the same. . . it's just. . . gone. . . I can't take this shit anymore!"

The words were processed so slowly in my head. What does he mean?

"What you are saying. . .is that. . . that you want to. . . break up?!"

A single tear slid down my cheek, carving a delicate line in the light foundation on my face. Liam's gorgeous eyes found me again. Our three year relationship: had that meant nothing to him? He was about throw away everything we had. . .

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