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Dinner with Simon was lovely, and I could tell that Zayn was happy to get out of the house for something besides work. It was the first significant time I had spent away from the twins, but my anxiety was relatively low since Harry and Louis texted me picture updates every half hour or so. Zayn's fingers remained laced with mine for most of the dinner and I was simply and beautifully happy. 

When we made it home, Louis and Harry were passed out on the couches, each with a twin tucked in the crook of his neck. The Lion King was playing softly on the television, muffled by Harry's quiet snores. The scene melted my heart and I silently snapped a picture. I texted it to Eleanor as Zayn gently took Isabella from Harry. 

El- bel: Might be the cutest thing I've ever seen

I responded by sending her a selfie of me making an absolutely ridiculous face.

El-bel: I stand corrected

Simon started to cry which caused Louis to stir. "You're back," he said groggily.

"Have nice nap, Lou? Some babysitter you are," Zayn teased.

"I got him to take a nap," he replied defensively, taking Simon in his hands so he could sit up. "Oi, curly! Time to wake up!"

"I'm not asleep," Harry declared. "I was just resting my eyes."

"Oldest trick in the book," Louis laughed. "We shall expect payment for our services to be delivered sometime in the next twenty- four hours." Both him and Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek before departing.

"Lou, you're still holding Simon," Zayn called. 

"Right! Sorry!" He handed the little boy to me, looking sheepish. "I just want to keep him forever and ever."

"He's not going anywhere, I promise," I laughed. 

Zayn and I took the twins to their room, changing them for bed. "Can you put them down tonight? I want to go take a shower," I asked.

Zayn nodded and settled into the rocking chair. He positioned Isabella in his left arm and I tucked Simon into his right. "They're sleepy. I should be to bed soon. Love you."

"Love you too," I murmured. I kissed each of the twins before giving him a short but passionate kiss. As I left the room, I could hear him crooning a slow song that I didn't recognize. I pulled the lingerie from my dresser and stepped into the bathroom. I showered quickly, keeping my hair in a cap so that it wasn't wet. I used my vanilla soap since I knew that was Zayn's favorite, and made sure to shave my legs.  As I was pulling on what was practically a scrap of lace, my phone buzzed. 

Nialler: Skype date?

Gemma Carlisle: I can't tonight.  Sorry bud!

Nialler: Why not? I miss my number one girl :)

Gemma Carlisle: I've got other plans tonight ;) xxx

Nialler: I'm going to try and pretend you didn't just say that 

Gemma: I'll call you tomorrow! Peace out, Nialler!

I gave myself a final one-over in the mirror before taking a deep breath and stepping into our bedroom. Zayn was sitting in bed, reading and didn't even look up as I entered. His glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose and I fought the urge to just jump him right now. He knew what I thought about him wearing glasses... "They fell right asleep," Zayn informed me, his eyes flicking in my direction for an instant. After a second of processing what he had just seen Zayn set his book down and actually looked at me. "Whoa."

"What do you think?" I asked, twirling around. The question was a courtesy of course; based off the slight motion I could see from beneath our thin sheets, I had a pretty good idea of what he was thinking.

"I think you get some kind of sick pleasure from torturing me," he replied, blatantly staring at my body. 

I stalked towards the bed and crawled so I was straddling him. Now I could feel what he was thinking. "What if I told you," I purred, leaning closer to his face, "that the doctor said I'm all healed up?"

Faster than I could have imagined Zayn maneuvered so he was hovering over me, gently pinning me beneath his weight. "Then I suppose I would be the luckiest man in the world," he said huskily. 

"Why's that?" I asked playfully, looking into his chocolate eyes.

"Because." Kiss on my collar bone. "You are." Kiss on my neck. "The most." Kiss near my ear. "Beautiful Girl."  Kiss on my jaw. "I have ever seen." His lips claimed mine. He didn't wait for me to grant entry, his tongue just found its way into my mouth. 

"Zayn," I gasped as he left a trail of kisses from my jaw to my navel. I spun us so that I was straddling him again and pulled his white tank top over his head while his fingers grasped my sides

"This looks great on you," he muttered, clutching the of fabric near my hips. "But I bet it would look even better on the floor." He untied the top to test his theory. He grinned at me. "Looks like I was right."

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing about your boxers," I grinned back. He kissed me hungrily while I tossed them to the floor.

As our bodies gracefully tangled into one I was filled with an overwhelming happiness. "I love you."

"I love you," he said back. 

That was the first time that the twins slept through the night. Ironically, Zayn and I stayed up all night. 

A/N: That's the end lovelies!!! Thank you so much for reading this story! It's my first fan fiction, and I'm so happy that it has gotten so many reads. I may put up an epilogue but I haven't fully decided yet. Depends on if I decide to write a sequel. Which would people prefer? Comment with your preference, and whatever seems to be the general desire I'll start asap! How about ten votes/ comments for an update? Also, be sure to check out the Charmed Life, which is my Niall/Harry story. Peace out girlscouts! Love you all!

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