Alexandra & the Pirates of Bargadan

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so this is my second story  

hope you guys like it and tell me if i should continue writing :) 

give it a chance and i hope you guys really LOVE it. if you do 

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I never believed in the words 'everything happens for a reason' and I don't think I ever will. That's all philosophy in one way or another and a subject I hate dearly. But I would be lying if I said it didn't change me. The adventure started on the day like no other.  

Chapter 1: Complications 

I was basking in the blazing hot sun letting all the warmth to sink into my skin. My favourite blue hat with a swirling pink design on the rims was tilted over my head to shield my eyes from the blinding sun creating a nice cool shade. I fought for control to keep my drooping eyelids open but they just closed wanting a few more minutes of rest. The inner conflict was immediately stopped as I felt something tugging my hand towards the ocean. Startled, I jumped up letting go of the fishing net in the process. I cursed silently under my breath and flung my hat of my head, jumping into the clear blue ocean without a second thought. My father always said I was impulsive I would act in the moment without thinking of the conscience and I guess he was right. 

As my warm body dived gracefully into the cool ocean, a shiver ran down my spine because of the change in temperatures. My legs kicked harshly the water around it, forcing my body to go deeper. I forced my eyes to open and the salty water started to irritate them. The grey fishing net was just a few feet away and out of my reach. I stretched my hands further and my kicking quickened, my lungs were starting to burn for the much needed oxygen. Suddenly I caught the fishing net in my hand and I swiftly turned around heading for the surface. As I reached the surface, I inhaled the rich moisture filled air into my lungs satisfying them. 

I propped myself onto my little bleach white boat with my arms. My legs gave out underneath me and I collapsed out of exhaustion. Adrian was sick all night and I had to take care of him. My dad was tired from his manual labour so I volunteered. I never knew it would put my life in danger. My eyes darted over to my digital watch which read three o'clock. I got up carefully grabbing the two oars that were stacked neatly at the side. My hands wrapped around their smooth wooden surface and I clutched them tightly as I settled them into the water. I started to push and pull the heavy oars and the boat started moving. 

Soon after I arrived at little barge with a shack on it and I guided my boat to the metal dock that was jutting out. I approached the glistening metal dock cautiously, knowing that if I was to hasten my speed my boat would be scratched and Lady Alma wouldn't be too thrilled. As my wet hand came in contact with the hot surface, it sizzled. I hissed, as pain shot through my arm which I dipped into the ocean. My lips breathed a sigh of relief as the cool water mended my burn before the salt started to sting at it. Retrieving my hand from the ocean, I clasped the thick knotted rope. I slipped the rope through the hook yanking it and tightening it. After it was securely fastened I tied a secure German knot.  

Looking at my knot proudly, I slipped into one of my oversized green shirts. The shirt clung to my still wet body and my dark brown hair flowed onto my shoulders messily. Putting on my white sneakers, I leaped onto the dock elegantly and strutted over to the shack. The shack was made out of old wooden planks that sometimes would jut out making an uneven surface. It was painted a fiery red colour to attract attention and the pointed roof held an electric blue sign that said "Carl's Shack". It wasn't much but to me, it was a second home. The shack was a place all workers would rest at during the day when the sun would be beating down mercilessly.  

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