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I decided to begin this book as all of my other Niley stories are based on when they were younger etc. I wanted to do this story where the time is set to the present days. It'll be a bit more mature and cover some more serious issues than my other Niley stories.

Maybe I'll draw in some reality... maybe I won't! So don't have a go at me if nothing fits in with real life: coz it's not meant to! :)

Okay, I know the story description is currently a load of crap but I will find time to improve it later :) #nohate

By the way, I know I mention self harm in the first chapter so let me make this very clear: you should never feel the need to self harm. If at any point, you do, seek help! Just tell someone! You're not alone! You can talk to me because I used to do it and I kinda regret it (ugly scars, ew!) so as you are reading this story, don't be convinced that it is something you should do...

This is called 'Standing Out In the Rain' because there are so many references to the rain in their songs (as listed in '200 Reasons Why Niley Should Be')

Here are a few examples: (◕‿◕)

"I'm standing out in the rain, I need to know if its over..." - Before The Storm

"These clouds aren't going nowhere, baby, rain keeps coming down..." - I Hope You Find It

"And now we're standing in the rain..." - 7 Things

"I can't stop the rain from falling..." - Please Be Mine

"In the rose garden, where the rain is fallin'..." - Rose Garden

And the title is also a line from a Niley duet, 'Before The Storm' which just so happens to be one of my all time favourite Niley songs... :)

So there we go! I hope you liked the introduction to this story?! It wasn't to bad, was it? Sorry, I'm just not a very good writer...

And I know I haven't completed my other Niley stories but I'm lost for inspiration and ideas so by writing a new and different Niley stories, they will (hopefully!) give me new ideas for my other stories. (Probs doesn't make sense :D)

Also don't expect me to update this story yet! I've only published the first chapter to give you an insight of what's going to come! :D Although some time in the future, expect regular updates! :)))

Anyways, I love ya'll!

~ Sianymouse ✌️~


I'll be updating this story quite slow at the moment to build it up (and so I can finish writing it!) but don't rush me! I want this to be good! :))

I'll publish the next part once I've edited it and proof read it etc.

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