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Chapter 20

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- Caspar's POV -

I drove to Zoe's and knocked on the door. Joe answered the door.

I gave him a wide smile and waved at him, "Aye Joe."

He responded by slamming the door in my face. My smile immediately broke and I slammed my fist into the door, "Joe please! Just listen to me!"

The door reopened, "Yeah? Talk." 

I stood there, trying to think of something to say, "I-I-" I started stammering.

"That's what I thought." The door returned to my face.

I searched my mind for something to say. I was never at a loss for words, but here I was. My eyes lit up as an idea suddenly burst into my head.

- later that day -

"Thanks again for doing this, you guys." I said, smiling at everyone in the room as I pushed a table to the side.

"We'll do anything for you Caspar. We all support your relationship." Alfie said, grinning at me.

"Oh, you!" I said, running over to Alfie and hugging him. 

Zoe entered the room, excitedly saying, "It's time, Casp." Her eyes shining.

Alfie and the others retreated out the back door to wait outside. Zoe went out the front door to get Joe. 

I had rented out an entire restaurant just for myself and Joe, the restaurant staff was still working though. We all pushed all the tables to the side, with only one table remaining in the middle. I decorated it with candles and roses. 

"Zoe? Can I open my eyes now?" Joe asked, his thin arms extended out in front of him, trying not to run into anything.

Zoe started taking backwards steps, "Count to three and then open your eyes." Zoe said, just before she ran out the door. Joe and I were alone.

"1...2...3!" Joe said, smiling as he opened his eyes. His smile faded. I walked up next to him, and he glared at me. 

"Right this way." A man dressed in a black suit said, leading us to the table. 

"Just leave me alone, Caspar." Joe hissed, before storming out of the door. He didn't even want to sit with me. I watched through the glass as Joe angrily got in his car, Zoe chasing after him. It was no use, he was gone and not coming back. 

I picked up the candles, the small fire flickering in what I had hoped to be a romantic way. I blew them out, and threw them harshly to the ground. I saw the waiter flinch, before retreating into their back room. The outside of the candles were all glass and they shattered. Tears streamed down my face as I slowly picked up the roses off the table and snapped them all in half. 

I saw the back door open, but I wasn't in a talking mood so I just ran out to my car and drove home. 

I sat on my bed, staring at the blank wall. I turned to the camera which was already set up because I never bothered to move it. I reached up and pressed the 'record' button.

"Hi my name is Caspar Lee. And these are the reasons why I love Joe Sugg."

I held up one finger, "He always forgives me even when I do stupid mistakes. He's my best friend, and I know he'll always be there for me-" My voice got shaky, and I broke into tears. I didn't care that the camera was still recording, it wasn't like this video would have ever been uploaded anyway. 

"I love Joe Sugg, and he's never going to forgive me. I was so fucking stupid. I let Marcus pretend to be Joe because I missed Joe. But in the end, nobody can replace Joe. Nobody." I turned off the camera, and layed down.

I drove over to Zoe's to just try and talk to Joe again. I rang the doorbell and Zoe answered, "Hey Caspar." She said, a sad look in her eyes.

"Where's Joe?" I asked, getting right to the point.

Zoe shook her head sadly, "He wanted to just get away for a while so he's decided to stay in a hotel."

"Which hotel?" I asked, my eyes wideneing.

"He didn't say." Zoe said, "I'm so sorry Caspar. I really am."

"Thanks, Zoe." I said, my shoulders slumped as I returned to my car and drove back to the apartment.

I opened the door and slipped off my shoes. I went to the kitchen and started rummaging around for something to eat.

"Caspar." I jumped at the noise. It was Joe's voice. Great, now I had missed him so much that I was hearing him in my head.

"Caspar." I heard it again.

"Oh my goshhhh!"I said hitting my forehead, "Why am I so in love with Joe that I'm hearing him?"

"UMmm." I heard from behind me. 

Slowly I turned around, Joe stood there, not smiling but not frowning either.

"JOEEEEE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, wrapping my arms around him.

He pushed me off, "We need to talk."

--A/N I'm not really sure how long I'm going to keep this story going. I realize it's pretty short right now, but I'm sort of running out of ideas for this, so I might only make a few more chapters. Still haven't decided.

Also sorry this chapter is fairly short. :(

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