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Yerim sat in a red velvet colored room and looked around. She assumed it was Sooyoung's because why would she be put in a random persons room. But then again, Sooyoung was a random person to her.

Yerim flopped down onto the bed and watched the clock. Everything was so boring.

That was until a drunken Sooyoung barged into the room, escorted by her best friend Kang Seulgi. Yerim scooted to the side.

"Uhm..hello....is she okay?"Yerim asked in a small voice. Seulgi faltered because she forgot there was somebody else in the room.

"Yes honey. She is fine. Just can't handle her alcohol..,"She muttered the last part to herself. Seulgi waved goodbye after placing Sooyoung onto her bed with a glass of water.

Sooyoung groaned and looked at Yeri.

"HEy! You are pretty~,"Sooyoung slurred, smirking.

"T-Thank you..,"Yerim whispered.

"Come over heeeeeere! I'm lonely,"Sooyoung once again slurred. Yerim carefully scooted closer to Sooyoung and sat next to her.

Sooyoung wrapped her arms around the hybrid, pulling her close and cuddling with her. Yerim's face turned a bright pink and whimpered as she wasn't used to this soft of affection. Yerim felt safe though somehow and soon fell asleep.


Sooyoung woke up next morning with a massive headache. She turned to see a small adult next to her. Sooyoung leaped out of bed before remembering it was her hybrid. She breathed out. What the hell was she supposed to do with it.

Sooyoung tapped the younger's shoulder, shaking Yerim a bit to wake her.

Yerim groaned and got up, whining softly.

"Yeri right? How about we go and get breakfast!"Sooyoung asked with a cheery face. Yerim simply nodded and Sooyoung helped her up as they ran towards the castle's kitchen.

"Mm what do you want?"Sooyoung mumbled to Yerim as she looked through the food.

"Uhm, do you have water?"Yerim squeaked out.

Sooyoung looked at her, confused. "Water?"

"Uh, well I usually don't eat much. It's just a habit,"Yerim confessed.

Sooyoung handed her a water bottle but wondered. What type of person or hybrid, has not eating as a habit?

Sooyoung followed, her eyebrows furrowed.

I need to figure this out.

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