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sorin sighed loudly as she kept an old picture of her and yoonbin when they were kids. "when are you planning to visit haeyoung?" my mom asked.

"it's the first day of school tomorrow, we'll see each other tomorrow." sorin's mom nodded as she sat on the couch with sorin. "how's your old childhood friend?"

sorin looked at her and didn't talk, "childhood friend? tyler?" she asked. she sighed "ah, no. ha yoonbin, don't you remember?"

as sorin heard his name, she remembered her childhood days with him. "i don't remember anything or being friends with yoonbin before."  she says.

sorin's mom flicked her forehead and she screeched in pain. she rubbed her forehead and hissed, "what was that for?!"

"do you have an amnesia or what? you were really good friends with him!" sorin's mom said "i swear to god, i can't remember."

she stood up and left the scene. everytime she hears yoonbin's name, it boils her blood. she doesn't know why, but the painful past brings back to life.

later that night, she prepared everything for the first day tomorrow. sorin is very well known in her school.

students say sorin have a unique face structure and that's what boys adore, she's humorous, she's smart, she's the top of the class which makes everyone envious.

as she lied down on her bed, she'll meet new people tomorrow. she sighed remembering that she'll receive new letters from new boys tomorrow or the other day.

of course, she's famous.

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