Planet or Plastic?

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It is in many forms;some straws, plates, cups and spoons,
All the production of greedy, heartless goons.
They don't care about the precious nature gone,
Only of the money and other fortunes won.

Would you decide to be an active buyer,
Of something that destroys the planet of beauty and endless wander,
Something that takes away our sources of life,
Created by our Supreme Being's strife?

I tried to imagine a world without trees and the waters,
A planet without fertile lands and rainy days to make it better.
All I saw was nothing; the world being dull and gray,
Because that was the only thing that in my mind would stay.

I'm not saying it can be easily be done,
But hopefully a day will be when all plastics turn into none,
The day when that one person considers the question on the matter that's pretty drastic,
Planet or Plastic?

A/N: This was inspired by NationalGeographic 's #PlanetorPlastic?

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