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Holly's POV
"Uggggggh"I wake up and groan as my alarm rings to go to the airport. I get up and realize my makeup was still on from last night. So I take a shower. As I'm done I check to see if I have everything I need before I leave to go to Chicago. Since I live in la it's gonna take some time to get there, I think four hours. I'm just always botherd by who I'm going to sit by.

David's pov
As I'm getting ready to head out I Order a Uber to go to the airport. I've already asked all of my friends to go with me, i guess there too busy. I mean it might be nice to head out on a trip by myself for once. Get a chance to think.  But I'm always wondering who I will sit by. Probably gonna end up with some stupid guy who wants to talk for four hours straight.
can't wait.
  ?? POV
They both arrive at the airport, go through security and get there bags checked. They wait to board the plane until the announcement comes on the speaker
Flight 103 to Chicago May start to board.

David's pov
I enter the plane and see a gorgeous girl, which I am apparently sitting by. I just play it cool.

Holly's pov
This random guy comes up to sit by me. He is very cute and had the cutest smile and the cutest face.

Maybe this won't be so bad.

A/n yahhahh i am writing another book. Shocking!
Yeahhhh so I will be posting on my other story to but I will be post on this one ofc


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